The station quickly improve website PR value skills

B, how to ensure the chain widely degree? The site outside the chain is sent to the web site as much as possible, and do not send a chain on a web site, this can also prevent search engines judged as spam chain.



C, why to anchor text links? Is mainly for the search engine is easy to judge the significance of Web links, which is very important for improving the website keywords.

Links exchange Purchase

D, how to ensure the relevance of the chain website? Site outside the chain to do correlation website, it will also enhance the effectiveness of the site outside the chain.

a week exchange 3-4 Links Links, the total number of not more than 35. Links website to the relevant categories of formal website, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the Links. Links frequently check, for the obvious drop right phenomenon shall be promptly replaced on site.

just took over this business station, first is reproduced and a number of pseudo original articles, and then to a fixed time to update the website content. For enterprise stand the weekly update to the best information site for updates every day. Even through reprint articles, updates on the website, but also to ensure that the text in the search engine search record number, the best control in 5 the following article. Based on maintaining the website content updates on every day to increase the chain site. The following will mainly talk about how to increase the site outside the chain and related techniques.

e, how to access the site outside the chain of resources? "Inurl:bbs+ + key input spaces" in Shanghai love search, so you can find your website and related forum will be sent to the forum outside the chain. Analysis of the competition site outside the chain, so that they can get a lot of correlation between the chain resources.

forum outside the chain, classified information, the chain blog, Links platform, Wiki, quiz website and web directory, these are the main means of access to the web site of the chain webmaster. Use these means to do outside the chain, to ensure the effectiveness of the chain, to ensure the chain widely degree, to the anchor text of the chain, to ensure that the correlation between the chain in the site.


a, how to ensure the effectiveness of the chain? Chain can be search engine included, and search engines will not be judged as spam chain.

2, widely do all kinds of chain, increasing of popularity of the

3, the purchase of high quality chain

Google began to update the PR value on the afternoon of June 27th, the PR value of the update topic has been the webmaster about half a month, this update someone happy people worry. The author of the recent optimization of a place decoration enterprise station, spent three months PR rose from 0 to 3, the domain name registration time is about 8 months or so. The following talk about this site related optimization techniques and experience for the reference of the webmaster.

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