Experience to share three tips for new fast included


this is the last week of the station just on the line, the domain name or buy a new, online only four days, was included, as shown in figure


A new site


to think after the new station on the line to be made quickly can maintain stable upward trend, it must be before the line or determine the relevant basic settings included before. According to the strict Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the basic settings should be need to do site on-line before the. Usually new basic settings need to do is mainly in these aspects, determine the META tag, such as title, keywords, description of the three label content determination. To determine the two website templates, as far as possible in the site before online to determine their website template, rather than on the line after the start to use the template selection which set their own site, today for a set of tomorrow for a set, so the new fast was collected only negative effect. Three navigation settings, set the navigation is to let the spider crawling can more quickly after the arrival of the site other pages. Four 404 pages and 301 redirect, 404 pages can effectively guide the spider crawling to invalid page Jump to other pages, and not to let the spider duantoulu. Do 301 redirect to search engine to know which is the domain name of the site, which is a sub domain, the search engine requirements unique home address is very useful. When do these to let the railway station be included in a faster release, fast.

above is the operation, in the operation process of the railway station, I think we should not put the new sites as old station to do optimization, the first new sites to be collected before they can post the Shanghai dragon operation, of course can be fast included, most can test the strength of our optimization. I believe we have seen many new sites in the day after the line was collected, how do they do it, I do not know, the only possibility is that he knows how to treat the new search engine, but also know how to optimize new sites to be included in order to achieve the rapid effect, explain the author’s experience.

do a good job in basic settings related to

to build a new station on the line after the search engine needs to be included, it is possible to optimize the operation of the other. However, in the forum to see a lot of stationmaster said his new on-line a week or even a month can not be included, why they are not included in it and the others stand on the line that day can be collected. Personally think that is possible in the new station on the line after the fast was collected by Shanghai dragon optimization misoperation. Because most of the number of new sites online to increase the site chain, I want to say, everything has two sides, to the railway station, instantaneously introducing a large number of the chain will also let the site quickly enter the search engine of the audit period. So we need to how quickly make your site is not the audit can be

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