Qualified to do not blindly diagnosis website of Shanghai Longfeng carp

to do a qualified Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, personally feel that three aspects need to do the following:

1, starting from the overall site diagnosis problem, not for small problems, but for the optimization of the site as a whole. When friends asked me to help the diagnosis, I will first ask their website problems, only know the website problems, in order to do some targeted diagnosis, such as some of my friends is a diagnostic website included, so our starting point should be considered from three aspects, the first is to look at the structure of the site is to grab the search engine, many websites.

recently read a statement, feel very good: Shanghai dragon diagnosis is not a one to look for the BUG of the website, but the website all day starting from the perspective of optimization, the details of the diagnosis is always solving detail problems, solve the problem of BUG may not affect the site ranking and traffic improvement, for example with some friends very keen on the nofollow tag, by the time of diagnosis will see a label on this website, there seems to be no use of this tag is for Shanghai dragon without further attention, in to the site when the advice in this area will notice requirements specifically, of course the use of the nofollow, can indeed help the website upgrade included and the overall flow.

diagnosis is not Shanghai Longfeng carp, like a doctor should know too much about a person’s illness through the look and smell to find out the causes, finally through their own medicine to treat the patient’s disease, but now many doctors think more from you find wrong, then all that minor illness ran the medicine hospital press Silver direction to see the doctor, never get a mutually satisfactory results.



diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng since 09 years the word began to be gradually recognized, the search volume has increased, even reached about 250 of the search volume is the highest at the beginning of 2012, partly because more owners focus on health websites in Shanghai Longfeng, on the other hand also shows that in the changeable environment like Shanghai algorithm to optimize the site better, but do not know the site problem, need professional help to guide the demand gradually improve. We look at the know love Shanghai index for our statistical trend is clear:

especially many webmaster after in-depth study on the website of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon diagnosis is very interested, because Shanghai dragon in the diagnostic process of a case is definitely a way to quickly learn the knowledge, but few better contact webmaster you will find many friends in Shanghai do diagnosis of the dragon is wrong, a lot of friends are just looking for a website on the website to find out problems, this is completely wrong and ran away, most of the time is more likely to show off their own technology how cow force, this attitude is not the correct diagnosis.

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