Teaching new site three search engine optimization and website update

basically search engine optimization early every day according to said to do almost the same, then is to adhere to the site updated daily, pre novice website updates is certainly not a problem, because the establishment and promotion with passion, but more to the back not less webmaster have lazy psychology, especially the search engine recently did on your website included in this site, Adsense more frustrating not to update the search engine, in fact in the railway station, there is a period of observation, the general observation period for a month or so long even to three months, so in the meantime we fight is patience and perseverance, as long as you can keep the website updated every day, then wait until the observation period after a love of Shanghai will give you a good ranking, so here warn that novice The stationmaster must have never give up spirit to build the only way you can get the final return.

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yesterday when it comes to the keywords and long tail keywords to set, then we should do the promotion, for the novice you certainly don’t know how to do the search engine optimization, beginners can go to A5, Chinaz, the laggards owners of these large forum to publish your own external links then, write an own website and then experience published in this forum a few words, do not write too much about 500 words, basically half an hour after the release of the search engine will you write original, then you will love the Shanghai spiders along the release of the original crawl to your site to grasp the content of the page, then we have to put their own content to step by step to improve, of course website content to their original, pseudo The original supplement, if not what too many questions about love good luck Shanghai included a few hours can be included in your site’s home page the first step we have taken to.

in exchange for some similar sites Links, about a day in exchange for about 10 Links is enough, but it is best to check the previous although we are sure there will be many new owners not to be happy and we exchange, then we should find new sites are the same, as long as the other the site is not love or love Shanghai Shanghai punishment snapshots in 7 days outside the US will exchange, we now put the number of external links the site to give up.

then yesterday "new site two: teaching website content set typesetting and keyword selection" to today’s course, already give you wrote two new site teaching, I believe we have some understanding of the site, today we have to learn how to do a good job of search engine optimization and website update.

search engine optimization and trust in your webmaster early for a site visits of high and low is Shanghai dragon optimization do good, must optimize a high traffic website is very good, but for us beginners we are from simple start.

Next we go to look for

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