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Hippo Valley Estates Limited ( HY2018 Interim Report

first_imgHippo Valley Estates Limited ( listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange under the Agricultural sector has released it’s 2018 interim results for the half year.For more information about Hippo Valley Estates Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Hippo Valley Estates Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Hippo Valley Estates Limited (  2018 interim results for the half year.Company ProfileHippo Valley Estates Limited is a subsidiary of Tongaat Hulett Limited and primarily involved in growing and milling sugar cane in Zimbabwe. This involves planting, maintaining and harvesting sugar cane crops and haulage to the sugar mill. The milling segment crushes and produces raw sugar. Hippo Valley Estates is an extensive enterprise and has other interests in sugar packaging, game hunting, fishing, and livestock and citrus farming. Chiredzi Township (Private) Limited provides services for water treatment. The Hippo Valley Estates and Triangle Sugar mills in Zimbabwe have combined milling capacity to crush more than 4,8 million tons of cane annually and produce over 640 000 tons of sugar. Refining capacity is 140 000 tons per annum. Hippo Valley Estates Limited is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchangelast_img read more

Justice for Ernest Duenez Jr.

first_imgBy Gloria Verdieu and Terri KayFamily and friends of Ernest Duenez Jr. gathered at the site where Ernest was killed by Mantecapolice officer John Moody.WW photo: Gloria VerdieuManteca, Calif. — Hundreds of supporters, friends and family from all over the state of California gathered in the city of Manteca at 200 Flores Ave. on June 9. This was the site where Ernest Duenez Jr. was murdered by Manteca police officer John Moody on June 8. The video of Duenez’s killing, posted on YouTube, has been viewed by millions worldwide.This protest was supported by many groups whose names begin with “Justice for”: Justice for Alan Blueford, Michael Nida, Cesar R. Cruz, Martin Hernandez, Manuel Diaz, Mario Romero, James Earl Rivera Jr., Kenneth Harding Jr., Alfonso Limon Jr., David Silva, Luis Gutierrez, Bobby Henning, Andres Avila, Angelo Moreno and the murdered victims of the Pomona Police Department. According to a June 7 press release, Duenez’s family is now operating in a statewide coalition of families of victims, civil rights organizations and community members to stop police brutality and murder.At the June 9 vigil, participants formed a huge circle of peace and unity, while Christina Arechiga said a prayer for all the families of loved ones murdered by police, security guards and vigilantes. This was followed by a message of solidarity from Uncle Bobby, the uncle of slain youth Oscar Grant. Uncle Bobby was on his way to Florida to support the family of Trayvon Martin. Jury selection began June 10 in the murder trial of George Zimmerman.Marchers took to the streets chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” “Justice for Ernest! Jail for Moody!” “No justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “Killer cops off our streets!”Winding through the city of Manteca to the Manteca Police Department, the protest, led by Duenez’s family, swelled to more than 250 protesters. The National Brown Berets Santa Paula Unit was a strong contingent in the march and presented a powerful presence in front of the police department.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Supreme Court rules for religious right, against health care

first_imgAfter signing three progressive decisions in June, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts revealed his true conservative stripes July 8. Not only did he sign one ruling supporting so-called “religious rights,” he signed two. Reproductive justice activists protest outside SCOTUS to uphold access to contraception. March 23.The one potentially affecting millions of women and gender nonconforming people of reproductive age (15-44) and their families involves the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. This is the third time the court reviewed the issue in the last six years. (SCOTUS rulings on other religious topics will be covered in a future article.) Setting the stage is the fact that the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services controlled by the President, ruled under Obama that birth control was essential “preventive care.” According to HRSA, that meant it would be free, covered by the employer’s insurance without copays or cost-sharing. The first case in 2014 was Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. The court ruled then that private employers could claim religious objections to paying for such insurance under the Affordable Care Act. But it stipulated that the Obama administration had to provide workers with access to such coverage, so it had state medical groups or insurers cover the cost. (Workers World, June 2014)The second case, Zubik v. Burwell, heard in 2016, was a “religious-freedom challenge” to the birth control mandate by a group of religious nonprofits led by Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home. Similar to the Hobby Lobby accommodation, nonprofits were to notify insurers of their objection, and the state or insurer would cover the cost. (Workers World, June 2016)But the Little Sisters and others claimed that due to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act such a provision placed a “substantial burden” on them for merely having to register their objection. Rather than issue a ruling, the Supreme Court threw the case back to appeal courts, where it lingered until now.Court promotes ‘religious freedom’ to discriminateDetermined to fulfill a misogynist campaign promise, the Trump administration changed the HRSA wording in 2017 so that any business, university or religious nonprofit could opt out of paying for birth control for employees or students by  signing a waiver objecting to contraception on religious or moral grounds. By adding “moral” grounds, the immoral bigot-in-chief invited all employers to cash in on the ill-defined windfall. It was immediately opposed by Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while Little Sisters et al. filed in favor of it. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the majority 7-2 opinion. (Justices Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer joined the five conservatives in order to request an in-depth review of HRSA and RFRA mandates by the appeals court.) The opinion asserted that both mandates authorized Trump’s expansion of permissible exemptions. Furthermore, Thomas asserted that “It is Congress” in its wording of the Affordable Care Act, that has “failed to provide the protection for contraceptive coverage.” (Intercept, July 9) Justice Samuel Alito took that reasoning a step further, posing: “If Congress thought that there was compelling need to make free contraceptives available for all women, why did it make no provision for women who do not receive a paycheck?” (Slate, July 8) For the two dissenters, the Intercept quoted Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was joined by Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “In accommodating claims of religious freedom, this court has [in the past] taken a balanced approach, one that does not allow the religious beliefs of some to overwhelm the rights and interests of others who do not share those beliefs. … Today, for the first time, the court casts totally aside countervailing rights and interests in its zeal to secure religious rights to the nth degree.”The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice condemned the court’s decision: “Using the cover of ‘religious freedom,’ this ruling makes bad economic and health care situations even worse. … This agenda has, for decades, targeted reproductive healthcare as one of many strategies to inflict control on Black, Indigenous and other people of color … to uphold white supremacist, Christian nationalist, classist, and patriarchal systems of oppression.”“The vast majority of the 70 million Catholics in the United States long ago rejected the Catholic bishops’ authority,” wrote Catholics for Choice in a stinging reply to the court’s ruling. “Attacks on the birth control benefit jeopardize people’s health and safety, particularly the most vulnerable in our society, people of color, young women, those in rural areas and those with lower-incomes. “Let’s be clear — real religious freedom must mean ensuring freedom of religion and freedom from religion.”Countering the attack on health careCiting government statistics, Ginsburg was quoted by the Intercept as writing: “Between 70,500 and 126,400 women would immediately lose access to no-cost contraceptive services. … This court leaves women workers to fend for themselves, to seek contraceptive coverage from sources other than their employer’s insurer, and absent another available source of funding, to pay for contraceptive services out of their own pockets.”The RCRC noted that in one year, 2013, the ACA helped people save over $1 billion in out-of-pocket costs for birth control pills. According to the National Women’s Law Center, the ruling jeopardizes access of 61.4 million women to no-cost birth control under the ACA. The NWLC asserts that birth control is also important as essential medication needed to address a variety of women’s health issues.The Intercept also reported that four members of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues responded to the attack on free birth control by announcing they would immediately file legislation to block the Trump exemptions from taking effect. In a joint statement Reps. Diana DeGettle, Judy Chu, Barbara Lee and Lois Frankel stated: “A decision about whether to use birth control is one that should be between a patient and their doctor. Giving an employer the ability to interject themselves in that decision — by limiting a patient’s access to free birth control — is unconscionable.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Big Crop is Definitely Out There

first_img Previous articleSouthern Indiana Corn Dying PrematurelyNext articleMorning Outlook Andy Eubank Big Crop is Definitely Out There By Andy Eubank – Sep 20, 2016 utterback-crop-tourUSDA says it is going to be a big crop this year and during a lengthy road trip last week one of our HAT market analysts got a look at about 1,800 miles of farm fields. Bob Utterback with Utterback Marketing Services agrees there is going to be a lot of grain harvested. His trip to the Big Iron Farm Show took him from central Indiana, through Illinois, to Council Bluffs, Iowa, up to Sioux Falls then Fargo, North Dakota, and back through Minnesota and northern Illinois.“Early farmer yield estimates coming in from some early harvest beans are coming exceptionally strong,” he said. “Sixty was not an uncommon number and I heard a couple of 70’s. I’ve been even hearing 70’s and 80’s around Indiana, so I am pretty much convinced that the good area is exceptionally good. Yes, there was some white mold in some of the beans. Yes, there was some impact on corn with the dry weather we had in July, but overall I think corn is going to exceed average yields by 20-30 bushels for a lot of the areas that I saw, and bean yields could be some of the best beans we’ve seen.”Utterback said there will be pressure on the markets from the large numbers, and once harvest progress gets past the 65-70% complete stage, “I think you’re going to start hearing of corn piles starting to build, running out of storage, basis is going to widen, and that’s going to have impact on your spreads and your carrying charge. But the next three weeks I think you have to prepare for bearishness. If you’ve got some old crop corn and sell off the combine, or beans, take advantage of this short term bounce.”Because Utterback says, over the next three weeks the market will revisit some lower prices. Facebook Twitter SHARE SHARE Facebook Twitter Home Indiana Agriculture News Big Crop is Definitely Out Therelast_img read more

Reporters Without Borders writes to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

first_img Follow the news on Ethiopia News Help by sharing this information Organisation EthiopiaAfrica May 6, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Reporters Without Borders writes to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Journalist attacked, threatened in her Addis Ababa home Receive email alerts RSF condemns NYT reporter’s unprecedented expulsion from Ethiopia Reporters Without Borders wrote yesterday to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi voicing concern about a deterioration in the climate for journalists in recent weeks and calling on him to consult with his country’s journalists in order to find ways to amend the code of conduct governing election reporting that was adopted in March.The letter also urged the authorities to stop jamming Voice of America’s Amharic-language broadcasts and raised the case of two journalists employed by the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) who have been detained for more than a week.“The climate of fear that we condemned in December 2009, when the weekly Addis Neger decided to stop publishing, seems as palpable as ever in Ethiopia as the country approaches the 23 May general election,” the letter said. “We bring to your attention that we are deeply worried about what we consider an apparent and intimidating effect of the measures taken by your government in the past months on journalists, restricting news coverage, and limiting pluralistic views and open criticism.”“The forthcoming polling should be seized as a rare opportunity to show the Ethiopian people and international community that you are willing and prepared to organise elections that are free and transparent and are covered by both Ethiopian and foreign journalists without difficulty.”Referring to the two ERTA journalists, the letter said: “We strongly urge the Ethiopian justice to give Haileyesus Worku and Abdulsemed Mohammed a fair trial, one that establishes whether or not the charges brought against them are well-founded. In the meantime, we call for their provisional release.”Arrested by members of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on 26 April, producer Haileyesus Worku and reporter Abdulsemed Mohammed are alleged to have stolen and sold national television programmes to the international TV station Al Jazeera.They were brought before a federal court on 30 April but were not formally indicted. The judge adjourned the proceedings until 10 May, thereby allowing another week for further investigation and extending their provisional detention. As a result, the two journalists will remain in prison until 10 May at least. Communications minister Bereket Simon has said the case is a purely criminal matter that is unrelated to media freedom.Recognising in March that his government would possibly jam the Voice of America’s broadcasts in Amharic in the coming weeks, Prime Minister Meles accused the station of “destabilising propaganda.” The new code of conduct governing election reporting, adopted at the start of March in anticipation of the upcoming general election, imposed many restrictions on the freedom of journalists. They will not, for example, be allowed to interview voters, candidates or observers on election day. One of the code’s articles says that journalists must refrain from reporting anything that might incite rebellion or terrorism. “This vague wording could be interpreted broadly and expose journalists to the possibility of arbitrary arrest,” the letter added. “We are also extremely concerned by the fact that journalists could be sentenced to imprisonment for violating this code of conduct.”Picture : Meles Zenawi (AFP / Olivier Morin) EthiopiaAfrica center_img News News May 21, 2021 Find out more May 18, 2021 Find out more RSF_en News Ethiopia arbitrarily suspends New York Times reporter’s accreditation February 10, 2021 Find out more to go furtherlast_img read more

RTE refuses expenses to Limerick flood victims

first_imgCelebrating a ground breaking year in music from Limerick Previous articlePensioner admits sexual assault on two year old infantNext articleAfghani Police learn from Limerick Youth Service and Community Policing Staff Reporter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR NewsBreaking newsCommunityRTE refuses expenses to Limerick flood victimsBy Staff Reporter – February 11, 2014 875 Linkedin WhatsApp Emma Langford shortlisted for RTE Folk Award and playing a LIVE SHOW!!! this Saturday TAGSfeaturedfloodsfull-imageMusic Limerickrte Facebook Printcenter_img by Andrew CareySign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up [email protected] flood victims who were asked to appear on RTE’s Prime Time programme to highlight the devastation in St Mary’s Park were told they wouldn’t be given expenses to cover the cost of travel to Dublin.The national broadcaster has been strongly criticised for its refusal to pay travel expenses to the residents of Kings Island who lost their homes and personal belongings when the Shannon burst its banks.Local area representative Cllr Maurice Quinlivan has said that when the residents learned they would have very little input to the programme, they felt they couldn’t go, as they had to fund the trip themselves.“They now feel let down. They wanted to express their feeling and report their experiences of the devastating flood that destroyed their homes.“Shortly after RTE gave the IONA institute almost €80,000, it is really scandalous that they can’t give any expenses to flood victims invited to Prime Time. This is really shameful.“Obviously helping flood victims to travel and tell their story would be the decent thing to do. RTE rushed to give money to IONA, a payment that most people believe is misplaced”, he said.The Northside Sinn Fein councillor asked if RTÉ was really aware of what happened if they expected people to pay to travel to Dublin a little over a week after their homes were destroyed and most of their processions lost in sewage contaminated water.“It seems clear that the national broadcaster does not realise that most people affected by the flooding have lost everything”, he said.The programme aired on RTE one this Tuesday night. Advertisement Walk in Covid testing available in Limerick from Saturday 10th April No vaccines in Limerick yet #HearThis: New music and video from Limerick rapper Strange Boy #SaucySoul: Room 58 – ‘Hate To See You Leave’ Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Grave concern over new Abbeyfeale cemetery

first_imgShannon Airport braced for a devastating blow Unstoppable Sean shows that all things are possible IF Limerick City and County Council do not move quickly to provide a new cemetery for the town of Abbeyfeale then people will “have to be buried outside the parish”.So said Fine Gael councillor John Sheahan at this Wednesday’s meeting of Newcastle West Municipal District.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Director of Services, Gordon Daly, told Cllr Sheahan that he understood the urgency and pointed out that the site selection process was still ongoing.“We need more time to complete the process. We will be back to you as soon as possible,” he explained.Cllr Liam Galvin felt that the selection criteria was far too “strict”.“If I had an acre of land as good as some of these sites, I wouldn’t be complaining,” he exclaimed.Fianna Fail councillor Liam Galvin pointed out that there is “grave concern” in Abbeyfeale over this ongoing issue.“We need to have a new graveyard in place as soon as possible. It is time to drive it forward and make it happen,” he said. TAGSLimerick Countylocal newsNewspolitics NewsLocal NewsPoliticsGrave concern over new Abbeyfeale cemeteryBy Alan Jacques – September 9, 2018 1489 Previous articleLISTEN: The Breakdown EP56 with Sporting Limerick & Three Red KingsNext articleLimerick villages dying from lack of development Alan Jacques Population of Mid West region increased by more than 3,000 in past year Twitter Local backlash over Aer Lingus threat Printcenter_img WhatsApp RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Advertisement Linkedin Email Vicky calls for right to die with dignity Limerick on Covid watch list Facebooklast_img read more

Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Friday March 13th

first_img News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Facebook AudioHomepage BannerNewsPlayback WhatsApp Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Friday March 13th Previous articleCouncil’s COVID-19 Crisis Management Team continuing to meet dailyNext article20 additional COVID-19 cases confirmed News Highland Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Google+ Pinterest DL Debate – 24/05/21 Facebookcenter_img Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Google+ Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR By News Highland – March 13, 2020 Twitter Main Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Friday March 13th:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic WhatsApp Pinterestlast_img read more

Calls for more prevention measures after HSE data breaches in Donegal

first_img Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Pinterest Google+ By News Highland – August 13, 2020 Calls for more prevention measures after HSE data breaches in Donegal There are calls on the HSE to carry out an investigation into how data breaches have occurred in Donegal.It comes as there were almost 30 HSE data breaches in the county last year with more than half taking place at Letterkenny University Hospital.According to Freedom of Information figures obtained by transparency group Right to Know, breaches were also recorded in Donegal’s Mental Health Services.In one case, a page containing patient data was found in a local pub and returned to the hospital.Member of the HSE Regional Health Forum Cllr Gerry McMonagle, who raised the issue previously, says more measures need to be put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Twitter Previous articleStudents in North to find out A-level results todayNext articleElectrical fault leaves homes in west Donegal without water News Highland WhatsApp Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsAppcenter_img Pinterest Community Enhancement Programme open for applications Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Facebook AudioHomepage BannerNews Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Google+ Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Facebook Publicans in Republic watching closely as North reopens furtherlast_img read more

How a Maryland paper covered a mass shooting in its own newsroom

first_imgTwitter/@capgaznews(ANNAPOLIS, Maryland) — The blood was fresh on the newsroom floor and the grief of its staff raw, but the Capital Gazette of Annapolis, Maryland, promised it would publish a newspaper on Friday. Hours later, freshly printed papers were on doorsteps around coastal Maryland. Just hours after a gunman stormed the newspaper killing five people and wounding several, the surviving members of its staff said they were determined not to allow the unfathomable violence to stop them from the mission of keeping readers informed.Today’s homepage featured obituaries of the five staff members who had been killed, as well as detailed coverage of the shooting itself. The victims were remembered by their colleagues in headlines as “Rob Hiaasen: A joyful stylist, a generous mentor;” “Gerald Fischman: Clever and quirky voice of a community newspaper;” “John McNamara: Sports reporting was his dream job;” “Wendi Winters: A prolific writer who chronicled her community;” and “Rebecca Smith: Recent hire loved spending time with family.” Even in the immediate aftermath of the shooting at the paper’s offices, its staff vowed to report on it.“I can tell you this: We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow,” Chase Cook, a reporter who covers the Maryland General Assembly for the paper, tweeted.The newspaper’s Twitter account tweeted a photo of Friday’s cover, with the headline “5 shot dead at The Capital.” The cover also included photos of the five victims. Even as the killer was carrying out his rampage at the newspaper, crime reporter Phil Davis was covering the tragic story from under his desk. “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload,” Davis tweeted. The Capital Gazette is one of the nation’s oldest newspapers, founded by British journalist William Parks in 1727 as the Maryland Gazette. In 1767, the Gazette made history when Anne Catharine Green took the helm of the paper, becoming the first woman newspaper publisher in the country.The Gazette was also one of the first newspapers in the country to publish the Declaration of Independence.The motive of the gunman in Thursday’s attack remains unclear, but if it was to put a chilling effect on the news-gathering operation, it clearly didn’t work.Jimmy DeButts, a columnist and editor at the newspaper, said the tradition of aggressive journalism at the Gazette continues.“We are there in times of tragedy. We do our best to share the stories of people, those who make our community better. Please understand, we do all this to serve our community,” DeButts tweeted after the shooting. “We try to expose corruption. We fight to get access to public records & bring to light the inner workings of government despite major hurdles put in our way. The reporters & editors put their all into finding the truth. That is our mission. Will always be,” DeButts tweeted. And some people said the tragedy made them want to subscribe to the Gazette.“I don’t live near there, but I’m subscribing to @capgaznews today. 99 cents for 4 weeks is a pretty great deal,” tweeted New York Times reporter Nick Corasaniti.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more