Assessment of stone crab (Lithodidae) density on the South Georgia slope using baited video cameras

first_imgDuring January 2000 a baited video camera system was deployed fifteen times at depths of 719-1518 m around the Subantarctic island of South Georgia. Four species of lithodid (Anomura: Lithodidae) crab (Paralomis formosa, P. spinosissima, Lithodes sp., and Neolithodes diomedeae) were attracted to the baits of which Paralomis formosa was the most abundant. Using arrival rate at baits, predictions of odour plume size. and observations of walking speed the abundance of the stone crab. Paralomis formosa, was estimated. Numbers of crabs increased rapidly following bait emplacement, with total numbers observed in the 4.9 m(2) field of view exceeding 50 within 200 minutes on three occasions. Current speed Was used to predict the area of the odour plume, and by integrating the area to account for scavenger speed the effective area of the odour plume was obtained. The density of crabs. estimated from the increase in crab numbers per unit area of odour plume, averaged 8313 individuals km(-2) (range 1100-25 600). Density was not significantly correlated with depth, temperature. or current speed and variability was attributed to substrate form. (C) 2002 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.last_img read more

The deuterium excess records of EPICA Dome C and Dronning Maud Land ice cores (East Antarctica)

first_imgNew high-resolution deuterium excess (d) data from the two EPICA ice cores drilled in Dronning Maud Land (EDML) and Dome C (EDC) are presented here. The main moisture sources for precipitation at EDC and EDML are located in the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, respectively. The more southward moisture origin for EDML is reflected in a lower present-day d value, compared to EDC. The EDML and EDC isotopic records (delta O-18 and d) show the main climate features common to the East Antarctic plateau and similar millennial scale climate variability during the last glacial period. However, quite large delta O-18 and d differences are observed during MIS5.5 and the glacial inception with a long-term behaviour. A possibility for this long-term difference could be related to uncertainties in past accumulation rate which are used in the glaciological models. Regional climate anomalies between the two sites during MIS5.5 could also be consistent with the observed EDML-EDC delta O-18 and d gradient anomalies. Simulations performed with the General Circulation Model ECHAM4 for different time slices provide a temporal temperature/isotope slope for the EDML region in fair agreement to the modern spatial slope. T-site and T-source records are extracted from both ice cores, using a modelling approach, after corrections for past 8180 seawater and elevation changes. A limited impact of d on Antarctic temperature reconstruction at both EDML and EDC has been found with a higher impact only at glacial inception. The AIM (Antarctic Isotope Maximum) events in both ice cores are visible also after the source correction, suggesting that these are real climate features of the glacial period. The different shape of the AIM events between EDC and EDML, as well as some climate features in the early Holocene, points to a slightly different climate evolution at regional scale. A comparison of our temperature reconstruction profiles with the aerosol fluxes show a strong coupling of the nssCa fluxes with Antarctic temperatures during glacial period and a tighter coupling of delta O-18 and T-site with ssNa flux at EDML compared to EDC during the glacial period and MIS5.5. (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Modeling the wave power distribution and characterisitics of plamaspheric hiss

first_imgWe simulate the spatial and spectral distributions of plasmaspheric hiss using a technique that involves extensive ray tracing. The rays are injected in the equatorial chorus source region outside the plasmasphere, are power weighted as a function of L-shell, frequency, and wave normal angle, so as to represent the chorus source distribution, and are propagated throughout the simulation domain until the power in each ray is effectivelyextinguished due to Landau damping. By setting up a large number of virtual observatories, the rays passing each observation location are counted, and a distribution isconstructed. Our simulated plasmaspheric hiss spectrum reproduces the main observed features, including the lower and upper frequency cutoffs, the behavior of the bandwidth as a function of L-shell, the spatial extent, and even the two-zone structure of hiss, although the intensity is lower than observed. The wave normal distribution shows that at high latitudes, the wave normals are predominantly oblique, but near the equator, the wave normal distribution can be either predominantly field-aligned (lower L shells), or bebimodal, having a maximum in the field-aligned direction, and another maximum at very oblique angles, comprised of those rays that have broken out of their cyclical trajectories. This distribution of wave normals seems to reconcile the apparently contradictory observations that have been reported previously.last_img read more

An assessment of seabird-fishery interactions in the Atlantic Ocean

first_imgCurrently, 17 of 22 albatross species are listed as Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Incidental mortality in fisheries is by far the most widespread cause of the population declines observed for these and other closely related species. In 2006, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) requested an assessment of the threat from their fisheries to all seabirds that breed or forage within their jurisdiction. Methods were developed to assess the potential consequences of fishing for more than 60 populations of seabird. The assessment framework involved the identification of at-risk populations, overlap analyses, estimation of total bycatch, and an evaluation of the impact of the bycatch on key selected populations for which there were sufficient data on bird distribution and demography. These were the wandering and black-browed albatrosses of South Georgia and the Atlantic yellow-nosed and Tristan albatrosses of Gough Island. Summary results from the seabird assessment are presented, revealing that ICCAT longline fisheries catch substantial numbers of seabirds, with potentially significant conservation implications. If this mortality is not reduced, the numbers of breeding birds in some populations will continue to decline, threatening their long-term viability.last_img read more

Sea-ice information and forecast needs for industry maritime stakeholders

first_imgProfound changes in Arctic sea-ice, a growing desire to utilize the Arctic’s abundant natural resources, and the potential competitiveness of Arctic shipping routes, all provide for increased industry marine activity throughout the Arctic Ocean. This is anticipated to result in further challenges for maritime safety. Those operating in ice-infested waters require various types of information for sea-ice and iceberg hazards. Ice information requirements depend on regional needs and whether the stakeholder wants to avoid ice all together, operate near or in the Marginal Ice Zone, or areas within the ice pack. An insight into user needs demonstrates how multiple spatial and temporal resolutions for sea-ice information and forecasts are necessary to provide information to the marine operating community for safety, planning, and situational awareness. Although ship-operators depend on sea-ice information for tactical navigation, stakeholders working in route and capacity planning can benefit from climatological and long-range forecast information at lower spatial and temporal resolutions where the interest is focused on open-water season. The advent of the Polar Code has brought with it additional information requirements, and exposed gaps in capacity and knowledge. Thus, future satellite data sources should be at resolutions that support both tactical and planning activities.last_img read more

Flippin’ Birds Lead Mountain Rim Gymnastics with 19 All-Academic Honorees

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailLOGAN, Utah-This weekend, the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference announced the names of student-athletes that earned 2018 MRGC all-academic status and the Southern Utah ‘Flippin’ Birds’ gymnastics squad led the way with 19 all-academic honorees on the roster.These athletes include junior Kamryn Bayer of Gilbert, Ariz., freshman Jiang Braley of Arvada, Colo., freshman Julianna Dahlke of Irvine, Calif., freshman Mikaela DeFilippo of Abbottstown, Pa., senior Karen Gonzalez of Murrieta, Calif., senior Amber Heltemes of Coon Rapids, Minn., sophomore Madison Howlett of Temecula, Calif., sophomore Autumn Jorgensen of Orem, Utah, freshman Molly Jozwiakowski of Kirkwood, Mo., freshman Alyssa Ladieu of Rockwall, Texas, sophomore Madison Loomis of Hemet, Calif., sophomore Madison McBride of Orem, Utah, sophomore Megan McBride of Orem, Utah, freshman Hannah Nipp of Laguna Hills, Calif., freshman Mary Packham of Portland, Ore., sophomore Becky Rosza of Gilbert, Ariz., sophomore Emily Wilson of Vancouver, Wash., freshman Amanda Wiltsie of Layton, Utah and redshirt senior Kirsten Yee of Alisa Viejo, Calif.To be eligible for this award, a student-athlete must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA at the end of the 2017-18 academic year. June 18, 2018 /Sports News – Local Flippin’ Birds Lead Mountain Rim Gymnastics with 19 All-Academic Honorees Brad James Tags: Alyssa Ladieu/Amanda Wiltsie/Amber Heltemes/Autumn Jorgensen/Becky Rosza/Emily Wilson/Hannah Nipp/Jiang Braley/Julianna Dahlke/Kamryn Bayer/Karen Gonzalez/Kirsten Yee/Madison Howlett/Madison Loomis/Madison McBride/Mary Packham/Megan McBride/Mikaela DeFilippo/Molly Jozwiakowski/SUU Gymnastics Written bylast_img read more

Dixie State Cross Country To Compete At UNLV Invitational

first_img Tags: Alyssa Haring/Billie Hatch/Dixie State Cross Country/Kevin Kerk/Kyle Warrick/Milton Amezcua/Samantha Jacobson/UNLV Invitational September 21, 2018 /Sports News – Local Dixie State Cross Country To Compete At UNLV Invitational Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailLAS VEGAS-Saturday, Dixie State’s men’s and women’s cross country teams will compete at the UNLV Invitational as the men’s action commences at 8:15 a.m. MDT and the women’s at 9:00 a.m. MDT.The men’s team will be led in the 8-K by junior Kyle Warrick of Eastvale, Calif., freshman Milton Amezcua of Henderson, Nev. and freshman Kevin Kerk of Yerington, Nev., all of whom excelled at the BYU Autumn Classic last week.The women are expected to be led by sophomore Billie Hatch of Preston, Idaho, freshman Samantha Jacobson of Riverton, Utah and Riverton High School and junior Alyssa Haring of Riverside, Calif.After this meet, the Trailblazers will then compete at the SUU Color Country Invitational October 6 in Cedar City. Brad Jameslast_img read more

UVU Baseball’s Paxton Schultz Drafted By Milwaukee Brewers

first_img Tags: Division I/Milwaukee Brewers/Paxton Schultz/South Carolina/UVU Baseball Written by Brad James FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSEACAUCUS, N.J.-Wednesday, as the MLB Draft ensued, Utah Valley right-handed pitcher Paxton Schultz was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 14th round.Schultz, a senior-to-be, should he opt to remain with the Wolverines, was the 433rd overall selection, making him the highest UVU player to be selected in the program’s Division I history.He set a single-season school record in 2019 with 99 strikeouts in 99.1 innings of work.Schultz also limited opponents to a .260 batting average and led the Wolverines with a 4.08 ERA.The Orem High product posted double-digit strikeout performances on three occasions this season, including a career-best 11 strikeouts against SEC foe South Carolina.Schultz is the sixth Wolverine to be drafted in the program’s Division I history. June 5, 2019 /Sports News – Local UVU Baseball’s Paxton Schultz Drafted By Milwaukee Brewerslast_img read more

Utah State Football Pushing Start of Fall Camp Back Following Mountain West Announcement

first_img Robert Lovell FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailLOGAN, Utah – Following the Mountain West’s revised plan for fall sports that was announced Wednesday, Utah State football is pushing back the start of its fall camp to Monday, Aug. 24. Leading up to that, Aggie players will continue with strength and conditioning, meetings and walkthroughs.“With the start of the season being delayed, the best course of action for the well-being and protection of our student-athletes, is to push back the start of fall camp to August 24, which will allow us to continue to make up for lost time in our off-season training cycle,” said USU head football coach Gary Andersen. “With our first game now being on Oct. 2, this schedule will give us one traditional week of camp before school starts. Although it is unconventional to be in school during fall camp, this calendar will allow for sufficient time to get ready for a season that starts in late September.”The current plan is for Mountain West sponsored fall sports to begin competition no earlier than the week ending Sept. 26. The football season will be comprised of an eight-conference game schedule with an option for each member to play two non-conference opponents, if they choose to do so.“While we are disappointed for our student-athletes, coaches and Aggie fans that we won’t have a full regular season opportunity for our fall teams (cross country, football, soccer and volleyball), we are encouraged about playing a full Mountain West schedule in each of these sports,” said USU Vice President and Director of Athletics John Hartwell. “The health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and staff is, and always will be, our No. 1 priority. We are appreciative of the continued dedication and perseverance of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and supporters through the challenges created by COVID-19.”With Wednesday’s announcement, Utah State will tentatively begin its 2020 season at BYU on Friday, Oct. 2, and begin Mountain West play the following weekend with its current schedule. USU will work with Southern Utah to try and find a new date for its game that was originally scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 12.Further decisions regarding safety standards related to Aggie football, tailgating and other game day activities, including social distancing, face covering and other health measures consistent with CDC, state and local guidelines, will be announced at a later date. August 6, 2020 /Coronavirus (COVID-19) related news and sports stories, Sports News – Local Utah State Football Pushing Start of Fall Camp Back Following Mountain West Announcement Written by Tags: Mountain West/Utah State Aggies Footballlast_img read more

Quanta Services acquires gas utility contractor Hallen Construction

first_img Image: Quanta Services has acquired Hallen Construction and other contracting companies. Photo: courtesy of rawpixel/Pixabay. Quanta Services, a specialised contracting services company, has acquired gas utility contractor The Hallen Construction (Hallen) and two speciality utility foundation and pole-setting contractors for approximately $330m (£267.08m).The deal comprised nearly $328m (£265.46m) paid in cash, subject to working capital adjustments, and approximately $2m (£1.62m) in stock.Founded in 1927, Hallen serves key strategic markets in the northeast US.The US-based construction company has strong relationships with major utilities in the American market, primarily providing gas distribution and transmission services, as well as underground electric distribution and transmission services.Headquartered in Plainview, New York, Hallen also provides a utility services platform in the northeast, which Quanta can use to expand its electric infrastructure services offering.Quanta Services president and CEO Duke Austin said: “We are pleased to announce these acquisitions, as each company provides Quanta with an exceptional management team that enhances our ability to collaborate with our customers on their multi-year programmatic spending plans, and are additive to our more than $7.5 billion of estimated 2019 utility revenues. As a result, we believe these acquisitions provide a repeatable and sustainable earnings profile that is complementary to our business and consistent with our strategy.“Hallen represents a sizeable expansion into key northeast markets characterized by aged infrastructure and mandatory multi-decade modernization programs that are in their early stages, which we believe improves our long-term visibility and provides attractive multi-year growth opportunities and accretive returns for our stockholders. We welcome the employees of these companies to the Quanta family.”Quanta Services acquisitions are expected to be accretive to margins, cash flow and returnsThe acquisitions are expected to accelerate the progress of Quanta Services towards achieving medium-term target margins for the pipeline and industrial segment and be accretive to adjusted EPS of at least $0.20 in 2020 without synergies.Furthermore, the acquisitions are expected to be accretive to Quanta’s future cash flow generation and return on invested capital.Based in Houston, Texas, Quanta Services has operations throughout the US and in select international markets such as Canada, Latin America and Australia. US-based Quanta Services has announced strategic acquisitions in the American marketlast_img read more