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New York Times writer discusses concussion research in the NFL

first_imgEmmet Farnan | The Observer Allan Schwarz, the journalist who broke the story on the football-concussion connection, speaks at Notre Dame on Wednesday.In 2007, former New York Times investigative reporter Alan Schwarz started writing a series of stories reporting on the staggering rate of concussions amongst NFL players, leading to new regulations and a congressional hearing. In his talk at Jordan Auditorium on Wednesday, Schwarz discussed his research process and how his interests in sports and math informed his research.Schwarz said that after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in math, he started to write as a sports journalist. At the end of 2006, Schwarz began to receive information about brain damages of football players from his friends, which caught his attention.“I, like everybody else, thought [a] concussion was a brain bruise,” he said. “But it can bring on early Alzheimer-type symptoms — cognitive impairment, cognitive decline, memory loss … that’s pretty awful.”Schwarz said he observed four consecutive football players diagnosed with concussions — he figured there must be a correlation between playing football and concussions.“The chance for these players to have this disease is greatly higher than the national population,” he said. “Something is going on here.”After embarking on his research into the effects of concussions, Schwarz said he was confronted by NFL managers and scientists, who tried hard to deny the risk of brain damage that playing football presented.When Schwarz told NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that four out of four football players he observed suffered from concussion symptoms, Goodell refused to believe it.Schwarz’s persistent research with mathematical modelings further convinced him of the cause-and-effect relation between repetitive head collisions and concussions. Several months later, Schwarz said he obtained the NFL’s research on brain disease, which was conducted by the University of Michigan. Schwarz said this critical study revealed that NFL retirees aged 30-49 are 19 times susceptible to memory problems, while NFL retirees aged above 50 have six times the chance of having memory-related diseases, compared to all U.S. men.Despite the consequences of Schwarz’s stories, he said he never harbored any resentment against the sport itself.“I’ve never said that football should be banned. I’ve never said that there should be different rules, anything like that,” Schwarz said. “My whole point is just that ‘Look, there’s an increase of risk.’ People should know about that so that they can make better-informed decisions for themselves and their kids.”Tags: Alan Schwarz, concussions, New York Times, NFLlast_img read more

High prices for coal power, dirty air spark growing support for renewable energy in Poland

first_imgHigh prices for coal power, dirty air spark growing support for renewable energy in Poland FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:As he stood outside a coal mine during a campaign stop last month, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki surprisingly touted the project’s green credentials. “Without investments like this one, we wouldn’t have renewable energy and other industries that we are betting on,” Morawiecki told a crowd of miners in Silesia, the country’s coal heartland.The mention of renewable energy at all, in the weeks leading up to an election on Sunday, marks a change of tone in the country, which gets most of its power from coal and has previously stifled renewable investments. With wind and solar costs plummeting and an increasing public backlash against some of the dirtiest air in the region, the government is changing its rhetoric on energy and looking to the European Union to help finance the transition.Morawiecki’s Law & Justice party came to power in 2015 thanks in part to support from miners. In its first year, the government nearly halted the fast-developing onshore wind industry with restrictive laws. At the same time, it revived a 1 gigawatt coal-fired power plant project in Ostroleka — whose backers now struggle to find financing.A tripling in the price of emission permits last year also hit Polish coal hard, with wholesale power prices currently about 25% above levels in neighboring Germany. The government stymied the impact to consumers by freezing household electricity rates and limiting the increase for businesses.Then last year, the government held an auction for new onshore wind projects. Developers, including state-owned utility PGE SA and international players EDP Renovaveis SA and Innogy SE bid to sell power at prices that were far below what the market had expected. “That was a big turning point,” said Bart Dujczynski, founder of Proventus Renewables Ltd., which advises on renewable energy projects in Poland. “It made opposition to renewables quite difficult to justify because economically, it was very attractively priced.”Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski, a major proponent of coal power, has championed a 1 billion-zloty ($255 million) solar subsidy program. Additionally, the government plans to auction a record 3.4 gigawatts of renewable energy this year. The country’s photovoltaic capacity passed the 1 gigawatt mark on Oct. 1, up 158% from a year earlier, as households and enterprises sped up installations of solar panels.More: Poland’s backing wind power in the heart of coal countrylast_img read more

April 2020: Outdoor Families

first_imgDepartments Riding for Mental HealthIn West Virginia mountain biking is helping kids combat stress.  Quick HitsE-Bikes – Plank Record – Styrofoam Ban – Runners Getting Slower – Lands Protected in Tennessee and Virginia ExploreRiding the Swamp Fox Passage in South Carolina’s Francis Marion National Forest. photo courtesy The Baker Family The Go Outside and Play GuidePlanning for your next weekend getaway? Check out these six outdoor adventure hotspots for the best recreation, food, and lodging recommendations. Follow the itineraries or create your own when you Go Outside and Play The GoodsGear for the Whole Family Special Sections Type 1 RadAn adventure guide’s greatest challenge is dealing with diabetes. Featurescenter_img Trail MixJim Lauderdale gets back to his North Carolina roots. Flip through or download the April issue for FREE HERE On the Cover The South’s Next National Scenic Area?A new coalition is working hard to protect the 16,000-acre Craggy section of Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina.  Outdoor FamiliesBlue Ridge parents share ways they get kids outside.  PerspectiveMaintaining the Appalachian Trail is hard yet rewarding work done by dedicated volunteers. Squirt Boating in the SouthSpecial skills are required for what’s known as the “grandfather of freestyle kayaking.” Family paddling on Claytor Lake. Photo by Sam Dean.last_img read more

Credit union EMV best practice

first_imgThe cardholder should be at the top of the EMV food chainAlthough many financial institutions are engulfed in the back-office activity required to implement EVM chip cards, “the cardholder should be at the top of the EMV food chain,” reminded presenters in an Arroweye Solutions webinar, Best Practices to Navigate the EMV Transition.“A meager 7 percent of banks we surveyed said customer satisfaction was a top EMV implementation concern,” the company shared in a webinar follow-up report. “But issues both within and outside of the bank will impact customer satisfaction. Banks must be customer focused and use this critical opportunity to educate and establish trust with customers.“Despite the numerous players who work together to enable transactions and keep cardholder data secure, banks hold the primary responsibility in consumers’ minds, and must have a solid ongoing communications strategy in place to retain customers and build loyalty,” the payment cards solutions firm reminds.“Start now with pre-launch communications including every available channel, such as online, cardholder statements, direct mail, media, branches, ATMs and more. Maintain, don’t sideline, key marketing strategies. Use the EMV touch point to reconnect with customers by offering a more personalized cardholder experience or introducing new services. continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Where to find social media content for credit unions? Ask your members!

first_imgOne question we get over and over is ‘Where can I find good nsocial media content for our credit union?’ And the answer truly is more simple than you might think… JUST ASK YOUR MEMBERS! Example #1: Ask Members Simple Questions on Instagram or Facebook About Favorite Local Businesses/RestaurantsRecently we ran a simple comment to win contest for members around ‘get to know your customers’ day (which we changed to get to know your members day!). This is celebrated by businesses on the 3rd Thursday of each quarter, and we have found it’s a great excuse to learn more about your CU members.In this example, we asked members to comment and tag their favorite local businesses and also asked specifically for restaurants. We learned SO much and were also able to develop some nice organic connections with local businesses. The contest was very inexpensive and easy to run — even just a $10 Dunkin Donuts card is enough to encourage participation. And if you target these posts to confirmed members on the platform you KNOW that the info is about your very customers!Example #2: Ask Members About Favorite Activities & HobbiesIn another similar contest, we asked CU members about their favorite hobbies and local attractions. Again, we simply asked members to share in comments on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a very small prize. The results were fantastic! In one day we received 38 local parks and 31 hobbies that are favorites of credit union members. Now you might ask, SO WHAT? Well… social media is all about building relationships with members. And we do that by trying to be authentic and caring about what people do and where they like to go. So, we’ve now created a spreadsheet of these preferences and use them to inspire the content we share.We track when and where local attractions and information about favorite hobbies are shared, and we make sure that we tag any local attractions when possible, which again boosts the organic reach of our social media content.Example #3: Share Member & Staff Stories to Encourage Referrals and Reach CU Member’s Friends and FamilyTestimonials are something we push with each and every client we work with. At least once a year we run an email and social media testimonial contest for all of our credit unions, and these provide incredible content for social media.Telling member stories is a no-brainer for credit unions. These testimonials tend to be moving stories of how a staff member helped someone overcome a significant obstacle or how a member used the credit union’s products or services to save for their first car or house. We’ve seen stories of helping avoid bankruptcy and overcoming the challenges of the loss of a family member.All of this kind of content is fantastic to share in the future on social media or via other means like email, blogs or direct mail. And it acts as almost word of mouth marketing, but with the potential to be multiplied across multiple online channels and social networks.Example #4: Survey members yearly or even quarterly for feedback on the content you are sharing and what they would like to see more ofThis sounds so easy, but you’d be surprised how few credit unions actually do this. Consider including some of the following questions on your next member survey:When you are on social media, what platforms do you prefer? (provide answer list of options)Do you follow our CU on (include social platform you want feedback on)?If you follow us, what do you like about our social media efforts?If you were managing our CU social media, what would you change about our efforts on —- platform?Are there topics that you’d like to see our CU create more content about? (please list)Do you read our CU blog?If you read the blog, approximately how often?Which topics on the blog have you found most useful? What topics would you like to see more blogs about?And remember, member feedback from these kinds of surveys is only useful if you USE it! So, make sure you provide this information to the appropriate staff members so that they can take the feedback to heart and adjust the credit union marketing and sales approach accordingly.Example #5: Encourage Front-Line staff to share FAQs This one is a little more challenging, but often we find with marketing and sales departments that they are working within a silo, and are often quite disconnected with branch staff and members themselves. We urge you to consider ways to better connect your departments. Whether it’s via formal meetings each quarter, where each branch sends a team member to provide marketing and sales campaign feedback and FAQ examples, or more informal lunches. Create an environment that encourages sharing.Then take these ideas and put them to work!At Social Stairway, we are always here to help! Read more on our Social Stairway Blog, or download our latest FREE template on setting smart goals for your credit union today! 20SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Meredith Olmstead Meredith Olmstead is the CEO and Founder of FI GROW Solutions, which provides Digital Marketing & Sales services to Community Financial Institutions. With experience working with FIs in markets of … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Crikvenica International Health Tourism conference in the best health destination

first_imgIn about ten days, the Crikvenica Riviera, which was recently declared the most successful health destination in Croatia at the Days of Croatian Tourism, will host an international conference dedicated to health tourism.Namely, in the Hotel “Omorika” in Crikvenica November 16 and 17, 2017 for the fifth year in a row to maintain Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference (CIHT), a conference organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Crikvenica, and co-organized by Thalassotherapia Crikvenica and the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster.The CIHT conference will bring together prominent and esteemed domestic and foreign lecturers and participants from the field of medicine and the economy, primarily tourism. In addition to lecturers from Croatia, experts from the USA, China, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Germany will share their valuable knowledge and experience with the conference participants.It is a grand opening November 16, and the first day of the conference is divided into four parts, and this year for the first time one of them will not contain classic presentations, but a round table is organized on the topic “Health tourism – yesterday, today, tomorrow”. Gari Cappelli, Minister of Tourism, Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Denis Kovačić, Deputy Minister of Health, Vladimir Mozetič, President of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster and Željko Miljanić, founder, majority owner and director of the Rident Polyclinic, will take part in the discussion.Participants expect a number of interesting presentations from the Crikvenica Tourist Board, which cover a variety of educational topics, such as respiratory rehabilitation, experiences and expectations of patients from the United States, different models and sources of funding in health tourism, how to increase profits by meeting patients, how satisfied patient becomes the best promoter, integrative medicine as a strategically important opportunity for our county and traditional Chinese medicine and many others.Participation in the CIHT 2017 conference is free, and applications are still ongoing, exclusively through the website: read more

Mountain and electric bicycles are now offered by the Papuk Nature Park

first_imgThe Nature Park has long been known as a sponsor of numerous sports events that include cycling, and by purchasing mountain and electric bicycles and renting them, they try to bring this popular sport closer to more and more people, not just trained cyclists. The public institution Papuk Nature Park invests in the tourist infrastructure and increases the tourist potential not only of the Park, but also of the entire area around the Park by implementing the UNESCO Geopark Geoprices project. RELATED NEWS: Papuk Nature Park continues its record tourist season with new investments. You will be able to rent the mentioned two types of bicycles in two categories – up to 3 hours or from 3 to 10 hours. Tourists will pay 60 or 150 kuna for exploring the beauties of Papuk by mountain bike, and for renting an electric bicycle, they will have to pay 90 or 250 kuna, depending on the duration. PP PAPUK INTRODUCES HOT AIR BALLOON FLIGHT IN ITS TOURIST OFFERcenter_img In the last year, a lot of great tourist stories come to us from PP Papuk. More on that in the attachment. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the view of Papuk from this perspective, we suggest that this weekend take your company to the Forest Park Jankovac or Velika where you can rent a mountain or electric and thus contribute to our Geopriča continue its journey on two wheels. PS Papuk Nature Park is located in Slavonia and so on a new dimension of the entire tourist offer of Slavonia Also, PP Papuk announced that they will soon become the owners of buses that will connect all areas of the Park and allow visitors to visit as many of its locations as possible during one visit to the Park. A new tourist attraction will soon be seen over Papuk – a flying hot air balloon of the Papuk Nature Park, and we must certainly praise the cooperation with the local population and micro and small entrepreneurs. last_img read more

Morningside Queenslander-style home to sell under the hammer

first_img34 Deviney St, Morningside.This Morningside home has the traditional charm of a Queenslander combined with the convenience of modern open-plan living.Caroline and Mark O’Connor bought the 34 Deviney St, Morningside property about three years ago.Mr O’Connor said they were looking for a Queenslander-style home and the property at Deviney St was a perfect fit.Once the couple took ownership of the home, they gave it a “bit of an overhaul”.On the top level of the home, there is an open-plan living and dining area and a modern kitchen with stone benchtops, ample storage and quality appliances. The second storey opens to the veranda, which overlooks the in-ground pool, while a study nook is tucked away next to the kitchen. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The master bedroom, also on this level, has timber floors, character windows, a big walk-in robe and an ensuite with dual basins.Downstairs, the two additional bedrooms have built-in robes and the main bathroom has a bathtub. The rumpus room has sliding doors that open to the downstairs entertaining area. This paved, poolside barbecue terrace spills onto a secure, sunny lawn.Mr O’Connor said the downstairs entertainment area and pool were a family favourite and a great place to host barbecues and get-togethers with friends. The home has VJ walls, timber floors, ducted airconditioning and a 6kW solar power system.There is a single garage with internal access and an additional carport. The property is walking distance to Morningside train station, the tennis centre and local supermarkets.last_img read more

Newcastle consider manager options

first_imgNewcastle managing director Lee Charnley will draw up a fresh short-list as he looks to appoint a head coach following an eventful few weeks on Tyneside. The Magpies eventually secured their Barclays Premier League status on Sunday with a 2-0 win over West Ham, their first in 11 attempts at the end of a run which threatened to condemn them to life in the Sky Bet Championship. They did so with John Carver at the helm following his appointment until the end of the season in January in the wake of Alan Pardew’s surprise departure for Crystal Palace. Carver remains adamant he wants the job on a permanent basis, confident he can improve markedly on a return of just 13 points from the 19 league games of which he took charge given better fortune on the injury and suspension front, and a summer during which much-needed reinforcement work can be carried out. The 50-year-old, who had initially been asked to take over on a caretaker basis, was handed the reins for the remainder of the campaign when Charnley, having considered a series of candidates – among them Steve McClaren, Remi Garde and Christophe Galtier – opted not to make a permanent appointment, with the man he wanted not available at the time. However, Press Association Sport understands the picture has changed significantly since then, and not least because of owner Mike Ashley’s revelation at the weekend that he is ready to invest in the squad and target silverware. McClaren, who twice stayed loyal to Derby when approached by the Magpies, was sacked by the Rams on Monday evening, but there has been no fresh contact between the two parties, while speculation linking Burton’s Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink with the club was greeted with raised eyebrows at St James’ Park on Tuesday morning. It is understood Charnley will take his time once again, with sources on Tyneside insisting nothing is imminent, although a decision is expected within a matter of weeks as the club plans for a brighter future. Carver’s situation needs to be resolved – he has five years remaining on his contract, although has indicated he would have no problem returning to his role as number two if he did not get the main job – and given the support he has received from both Charnley and Ashley, his credentials, bruised as they may have been by the events of the last five months, will be assessed. However, the number both of potential candidates and clubs looking for new managers has changed since January and Ashley’s investment plan – which was announced in a surprise television interview before he knew the club’s fate – has moved the goalposts somewhat. Nevertheless, there will be a limit to the type of candidate Newcastle can attract and while the likes of McClaren, Garde and Michael Laudrup are likely to be considered, Galtier has signed a contract extension with St Etienne and Thomas Tuchel has replaced Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund. Big names such as Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti and Rafael Benitez are simply not on the club’s horizon. Whoever does get the job will work alongside Charnley and chief scout Graham Carr to address last season’s problems and implement Ashley’s transfer policy, which seems certain to change this summer. But one of last term’s few success stories, Daryl Janmaat, has admitted the current crop of players let Carver down during the second half of the campaign. He said: “John deserved the win against West Ham because he has worked really hard with the team. He tried everything. I feel sorry for him – we let him down in games and it can’t happen again.” Janmaat is hopeful the squad will be significantly stronger by the start of the new season and admits he is looking forward to a big few months for the club. He said: “I think we need it in some places. I am looking forward to that and hopefully we have a really great squad next season.” Press Associationlast_img read more

Three Guyanese players named in Windies-A  One-Day squad to face India-A

first_imgTHE interim selection panel of Cricket West Indies (CWI) has named West Indies-A One-Day and (Four-Day) ‘Test’ squads for the India-A Tour of the West Indies, starting next month.Three Guyanese players have been named in the  Windies-A One-Day squad. They are Keemo Paul, Sherfane Rutherford and pacer Romario Shepherd.The A-squads comprise a combination of players with international match experience – headed by the likes of Kraigg Brathwaite and Roston Chase – excellent performances in regional competitions over the last few years – and led by the irrepressible Leeward Islands Hurricanes spin-bowling all-rounder Rahkeem Cornwall.The squads were chosen by the interim selection panel, chaired by Robert Haynes with the assistance of former West Indies opener Stuart Williams and former Barbados Pride chairman of selectors Hendy Wallace. Additional input was provided by interim West Indies head coach Floyd Reifer and captain Jason Holder.With the series acting as a trial for a number of hopefuls for both teams and overlapping with the series duel between the senior teams of the two sides, West Indies-A will make five changes to the squad for the final ‘Test’.Keemo PaulNine of the 15 players in the One-Day squad have played One-Day Internationals for the senior West Indies team, 10 of the players in the squad for the first and second ‘Tests’ have played full international Tests for the senior side and six Test players will appear in the third match.The selection panel has named Chase as captain to lead the One-Day side in the series of five One-Day matches, all set to be played in Antigua at the Coolidge and Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds.The captaincy of the ‘Test’ squad will be split between Test opener Brathwaite for the first two of the three ‘Tests’ and fellow Barbados Pride batsman Shamarh Brooks for the last match of the series, which will be played at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Trinidad.Brathwaite, fellow opener John Campbell, Chase, Cornwall and wicketkeeper/batsman Shane Dowrich will leave to join the senior team’s preparation camp for the two-Test series between West Indies and India which starts on August 22 in Antigua.On the appointment of Chase as One-Day captain, Haynes said: “The discussion was based on our desire to expose leadership in order to be able to have a wider pool of players with such experience. In our estimation, Roston is the right person to lead the team during this series as one of the players with significant international experience and we believe that the experience can be personally beneficial as well for his game.”On the appointment of Brathwaite and Brooks as Four-Day captains, Haynes said: “As the incumbent vice-captain of the senior West Indies Test team, this will allow Kraigg to continue to get the opportunity to develop his leadership skills and he is best placed to galvanise the team during these vital games for our preparation.“Shamarh has been captaining the A-team for some time now and as such it would be best for continuity that he gains more exposure in this role.”On the A-Team players for the ‘Test’ series, Haynes said: “It was felt that the regular Test players who are available should play the first and second Four-Day matches of this series. This would be part of their preparation for the upcoming senior team Tests against the Indian senior team, as they would have had limited red-ball match practice in recent times.“As such, the squad for the third Four-Day match will have five replacement players. This will allow the regular Test players to gain recovery time before they enter the preparation camp for the Tests against the Indian senior team.”SQUADS:ONE-DAY – Roston Chase (captain), Sunil Ambris, John Campbell, Jonathan Carter, Rahkeem Cornwall, Shane Dowrich, Akeem Jordan, Kjorn Ottley, Keemo Paul, Khary Pierre, Rovman Powell, Raymon Reifer, Sherfane Rutherford, Romario Shepherd, Devon Thomas.1st & 2nd TESTS – Kraigg Brathwaite (captain), Sunil Ambris, Jermaine Blackwood, Shamarh Brooks, John Campbell, Roston Chase, Rahkeem Cornwall, Miguel Cummins, Shane Dowrich, Chemar Holder, Shermon Lewis, Raymon Reifer, Jomel Warrican.3rd TEST – Shamarh Brooks (captain), Sunil Ambris, Jermaine Blackwood, Miguel Cummins, Akim Frazer, Jahmar Hamilton, Montcin Hodge, Chemar Holder, Brandon King, Shermon Lewis, Raymon Reifer, Jeremy Solozano, Jomel Warrican.last_img read more