The chain after the site was down the right coping strategy

, the website Links whether there was K

site is down right, in addition to some uncontrollable factors, is nothing more than a keyword, content acquisition, chain, bold and H1 tags and other abuse, excessive optimization situation. Once a site is down right, these are the objects we have to check the. In the website internal optimization of this one, as long as it does not affect the user experience, then the influence of the website ranking will not be too big. Because there are too many outside chain is not controllable, therefore, should be reduced when the check as a key object, especially in green, the chain became a double-edged sword, well done, can let you fly, do well, will make you too horrible to look at. Therefore, in this paper, the author summarizes a few on the website be reduced after right outside of the chain strategy analysis:

Scindapsus came out, Links exchange becomes startling step by step, the problems will capsize. In fact, not only now, as early as Scindapsus algorithm prior to predecessors told us, Links each other is down right, or by K, so our website will be implicated. Therefore, after the site right down, we should immediately check the website of the Links, found the K website, or drop right serious website, then quickly deleted. The low weight site, if the number of the chain he has very much, the weight of this site can transfer can be ignored, so there is no need to exist. Links this one is often the culprit site is down right, such as the author’s website once tried after deleting a serious drop right site, ranking back within two days. Links is the site optimization double-edged sword fighter, when hung on the first Links start, we should timely check Links consciousness. read more

Optimization of Robots txt Yang has long have short

, using Robots.txt to save server bandwidth

two, website security protection directory

Robots.txt file is a simple TXT text, but focus on the website construction and website optimization Shanghai dragon Er are aware of its importance, its existence can be do not want search engines crawl the page can also be shielded, like a map of the same as the spider road navigation. When a spider crawling to a site, the first visit is Robots.txt if the file exists, then according to the content of the guidelines in the index to access, if the file does not exist if it were in accordance with the order of the links in the page access. So we can use it to shield some do not need to search engine to index directory or site map will be described in the Robots.txt guide the spider crawling, so the security of the website or save server bandwidth and guide index is very awesome, it can be said is to avoid Yang has long have short effect the following, we do detailed analysis to:

generally when we set the Robots.txt to the directory and database management and backup directory settings in hexadecimal, spider crawling, otherwise easily lead to data leakage effect of website security. Of course, there are some administrators do not want other spiders index directory, can also be set, so the search engine can strictly abide by this rule to be indexed. read more

The change of the 2011 Google important ranking algorithm

if a visitor can as soon as possible to get what they want, the search is a happy thing. Although the speed of the site is only a small factor in ranking, but the performance optimization of your page has great significance.

Click on the

most of the Google search results will display more than 10 pages also list. The search results are no longer just a link, but including images, video, news, local search results etc..


two: social search becomes more

five: you can not just focus on Google, YAHOO will be a combination of

you have to do with a comprehensive approach to the promotion of your site: optimize your web content, get good backlinks, to provide local information, submit your business video to Google, and so on, make sure that your website is possible in all forms of Google’s search results.

: the low quality of the website by filtering

in 2011 was a very busy year. Especially in the search service, great changes have taken place in the algorithm. If you want your website to keep a good ranking, get enough tourists, you must understand these changes. With the end of 2011, the author in this paper several Google algorithm change in 2011 finishing more important. read more

Combined with several elements optimization examples about the station in Shanghai Dragon

recently friendship a website to help a friend do optimization, why do not you first friendship, professional website optimization, but usually do some small, do some website optimization work, can only say that he is half a bucket of water, not very professional. Plus your friend, there is no effect is not a problem, I will just get a first. Friends of the site is a catering enterprise site is a canteen contractor enterprises, mainly for Ningbo local schools, factories and enterprises to do business in the canteen contractor; he is more focused on which a network, so the company website early to do, but when you get the site first. See is still a little scared feeling on this site.

4, the website chain basically did not do, some internal "your position" are not linked, each page related keywords are not pointing to another page.

1, the website of each page of the title is the same, sweat.

3, keyword, description etc. each page with No.

5, there is some unreasonable columns. read more

On the planning of electronic commerce website of Shanghai Dragon

two, the electronic commerce website of inferior

e-commerce website optimization has become a pawn in the demand of network marketing strategy, a global optimization is not in good condition of e-commerce platform, not only the user’s demand information to potential users to provide adequate purchasing decision information, the information is very anxious even potential users through the website within the catalogue, search, and the public search engine, which means the website of electronic business website optimization of poor users can bring commercial value is very small, so it is not hard to understand why the field of electronic commerce website optimization firstly became the most urgent needs of industry.


fourth: the company structure is too large, the internal communication cost is very high, the communication will lead to bad work not completed.

second: the success of e-commerce sites are also few, e-commerce sites generally young bamboo shoots after a spring rain, coupled with the structure is very complex, so this kind of websites often have their own technical development team, the Shanghai dragon website optimization technology is still relatively secure. read more

Sharing examples can increase website five rate

articles included rate for the success of a web site is very important, I take the author in the medical industry, medical industry as the core keywords is basically is the large medical portal site occupied, we like this hospital website. Can only win from the number of long tail keywords on, so if there is no good included rate, this website basically is a waste. Below I will according to my own experience, I can tell that 5 factors affect the rate of collection.

home pageThe above

Er all know that the chain can not only provide website weight, there is another feature is the "spider", but many owners generally only home chain, in fact the chain effect is better than a lot of home, we.

the original degree is higher, included rate is also higher, this is all the owners are aware of, but the original high natural time is long, want to guarantee the quantity, the degree of the original nature is difficult to be improved. So for new sites, I suggest that you can slightly reduce the number of articles, focus on increasing the original degrees, our company for new sites are generally take the way is to not pay attention to the quality, but the protection of article 80% of the original, even some crap to write their own can, after a week the new station, the collection rate basically reached more than 90%, and almost all the seconds. read more

What the original blog promotion chain still hot

third, the blog set is very important, I take Sina blog as an example, I hope to do more hot blog, do not do business publicity, did not think this blog will bring me higher weights and potential customers and visitors. I assume that my blog is to set up the image of the company, is my own blog title keyword name, so the blog name is "company name + URL", blogger title is the name of our company, of course, you can also add certain Internet Co to the title, and then set the logo (avatar maybe the blog can also play a role of publicity, will maximize the use of limited resources to develop the effect as much as possible. The blog page plate set, also pay attention to. I put the plate all the functions above, in fact, this is not good, especially the music player, or other pictures of the link, a visitor record, but these will blow open blog speed, I treat your blog like optimize your site, in my blog optimization when the whole blog is concise, the atmosphere, the necessary template is Links, which can transfer the high weight of the link, of course, add internal links, but also enhance the user experience of a blog is a good way, convenient for potential customers and readers click on my main site, this method in an experiment in August, the effect is obvious. read more

Love of Shanghai green Shanghai dragon algorithm and its coping methods

why buy gold chain website but not by this algorithm effect and drop right? According to a gold chain service introduction: "now is anyone’s guess, if you can change the love Shanghai link algorithm has changed, and not always issued a statement, the statement also said there are a lot of people buy links. As long as the delivery plan are never mind." You have what view on the

is the author of the preliminary analysis and the way to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm.

5, if the business can not wait too long, you can consider replacing the domain name.


2, in exchange for the Links, try to ask the website not to withdraw links (the need to look at your charm and the website itself). In view of exchange Links has no bad neighbors, for bad neighbors to be processed.

according to my analysis, the gold chain is present in the high weight of the news source sites, and these sites to update the site more, and the original content is rich. I love Shanghai will not be a big drop right on this website. And the purchase of the gold chain website, is also a normal update, so little effect. So if you have had to buy links to the web site should be how to deal with? I think that can be considered from the following aspects: read more

A5 to cancel the signature of the chain has some sense of forum signature proposal

A5 look at the forum the recommendation of the board, there are several write "A5 removed the signature" topic of the post, we look into the points, there are few articles have not been classified "original", it is recommended to the home page to, are removed well said look at the contents of the signature. These people are in first aid to A5, calm angry mood, give you comfort mood.

Objective: A

flow loss or reduced income or. This is a matter of. < >

is not my black A5, but now I feel part of the user is holding the idea, they come to A5 to stay outside the chain, this is an indisputable fact. I have the data speak, a post I was pushing the front page and edit the essence of title is enough to attract people, this post will generally have more than 3000 of the amount of view, but that day I posted only 2000 less than the amount of view, the post is to remove the signature issued by day, there are a lot of people are not know not to leave the signature of the chain, so there are a lot of people to reply to a "top", in fact, seriously at the post and how many people read more

On the optimization of Shanghai dragon image details

visa 贵族宝贝123qianzheng贵族宝贝 original feeds, reproduced please keep.

a good website, in addition to the text is attractive enough, is not the way to show the picture. The illustrations can give users a better experience. In the past year, we love Shanghai from the search engine search is not difficult to find a result is picture display. This also means that the adoption of love Shanghai pictures will also usher in a hot stage.

in Shanghai love shuffle of pictures today, what are the requirements? Of course is not love Shanghai tell us Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, only through our own exploration to cater to the taste of love Shanghai. There are several places we can do at present on the picture details:

two, the entire page of each picture width. Just imagine, out of order when we open a page to see pictures of different sizes, and is bound to affect the reader’s mood. Here we will need to do a general layout planning. In an article in the content, each image width should maintain consistency, increase friendly page. read more