Love of Shanghai green Shanghai dragon algorithm and its coping methods

why buy gold chain website but not by this algorithm effect and drop right? According to a gold chain service introduction: "now is anyone’s guess, if you can change the love Shanghai link algorithm has changed, and not always issued a statement, the statement also said there are a lot of people buy links. As long as the delivery plan are never mind." You have what view on the

is the author of the preliminary analysis and the way to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm.

5, if the business can not wait too long, you can consider replacing the domain name.


2, in exchange for the Links, try to ask the website not to withdraw links (the need to look at your charm and the website itself). In view of exchange Links has no bad neighbors, for bad neighbors to be processed.

according to my analysis, the gold chain is present in the high weight of the news source sites, and these sites to update the site more, and the original content is rich. I love Shanghai will not be a big drop right on this website. And the purchase of the gold chain website, is also a normal update, so little effect. So if you have had to buy links to the web site should be how to deal with? I think that can be considered from the following aspects: read more

A5 to cancel the signature of the chain has some sense of forum signature proposal

A5 look at the forum the recommendation of the board, there are several write "A5 removed the signature" topic of the post, we look into the points, there are few articles have not been classified "original", it is recommended to the home page to, are removed well said look at the contents of the signature. These people are in first aid to A5, calm angry mood, give you comfort mood.

Objective: A

flow loss or reduced income or. This is a matter of. < >

is not my black A5, but now I feel part of the user is holding the idea, they come to A5 to stay outside the chain, this is an indisputable fact. I have the data speak, a post I was pushing the front page and edit the essence of title is enough to attract people, this post will generally have more than 3000 of the amount of view, but that day I posted only 2000 less than the amount of view, the post is to remove the signature issued by day, there are a lot of people are not know not to leave the signature of the chain, so there are a lot of people to reply to a "top", in fact, seriously at the post and how many people read more

On the optimization of Shanghai dragon image details

visa 贵族宝贝123qianzheng贵族宝贝 original feeds, reproduced please keep.

a good website, in addition to the text is attractive enough, is not the way to show the picture. The illustrations can give users a better experience. In the past year, we love Shanghai from the search engine search is not difficult to find a result is picture display. This also means that the adoption of love Shanghai pictures will also usher in a hot stage.

in Shanghai love shuffle of pictures today, what are the requirements? Of course is not love Shanghai tell us Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, only through our own exploration to cater to the taste of love Shanghai. There are several places we can do at present on the picture details:

two, the entire page of each picture width. Just imagine, out of order when we open a page to see pictures of different sizes, and is bound to affect the reader’s mood. Here we will need to do a general layout planning. In an article in the content, each image width should maintain consistency, increase friendly page. read more

The difference of the webmaster three commonly used long tail keywords mining tools

three, Google Adsense tube >

two, love station query tool


, a webmaster query tool

love stand tool was born 09 years, through more than two years of development is now amounted to millions of users, and the use of momentum beyond the trend of tool webmaster query, including mining long tail keywords, use love than a good webmaster query tool to station query tool, for some traffic is less than 50 the word still does not show the standard flow, but it is less than 50 by flow to display, such as the Taobao keywords to search for the women and the long tail keywords, such as map;

so the mining speed than the love of Shanghai index and related search, drop-down box to dig much faster, but the precision is relatively strong. So, the first mining long tail keywords is the webmaster tools query tool, the tool has a disadvantage that is less than 50 words can not be displayed, can only be used for mining on shallow.

keyword mining method commonly used may be simply through the love of Shanghai index, search the drop-down box, and search. In fact, now if the webmaster is just simple rely on these three methods to mine the key words, the key to the optimization of mining is relatively difficult, the competition is very fierce, after all, with the three to determine the site keywords owners too much, many people use natural competition is big. As for mining long tail keywords, if only through these three methods is obviously the most difficult to dig out the precise long tail keywords strong, after all, the drop-down box shows the limited number of relevant search is also a limit to the number of. So we should use what kind of tools to dig deep? Today I talk about how to use the tools to dig the long tail keywords. read more

There will be a search engine in the world there will be Shanghai dragon

The evolving

search engine algorithm indeed revolves two objective: 1. is the search engine ranking algorithm for continuous improvement and evolution of ranking algorithm system, in order to adapt to the development pattern of the new period of Internet environment, Internet marketing, Internet users continue to meet the new period high body experience; 2. is to pursue its own search engine to maximize the interests of.

for the first points we can deeply feel their own search engine ranking algorithm to improve the development of Shanghai dragon industry.

in the past year in Shanghai dragon industry for a long time, many Shanghai dragon Er are complaining about the website optimization more and more difficult to do, a lot of friends maintain rankings decline seriously, so the market appeared some pessimism, Shanghai dragon really exists, Shanghai dragon useless, Shanghai dragon has been completely dead etc.. But I was in the opposite view. The Bai strong network marketing has always been that Shanghai dragon will always exist, and will always exist, why use "The Legendary Swordsman" in a classic lines, with the local people there will be rivers and lakes". The search engine will be the mechanism of the existence of the Internet information retrieval ranking, a ranking mechanism will have ranking algorithm, it is the algorithm will have the existence of Shanghai dragon. read more

Master the common methods to improve web site weight over

2, update the content: search engines love new things, users also love fresh things, timely updates will attract search engine and user to visit the website of website content, website weight also increases in the course of time. The general update is used to upload the news. Many webmaster only to change website content and take a large number of acquisition or false original article. This approach will allow users to see and search engines with similar content, but also have certain effect. Advice, more readable articles, best original article, combined with the current news, social issues and so on. Novel and readable.

5, follow the natural ranking rule: a lot of people in order to be able to immediately go out publicity website, using many methods of heresy launch site. Although a time effect is very good, the ranking is also very good, but the search engine recognition mechanism more and more sophisticated, this method of opportunistic use only temporarily, if >

4, soft Wen wrote: soft writing is an important method to improve the weights of the website. Like your website article many articles, although your article is original, but also better to write a few soft display novel. When the user is immersed in the soft content gradually accept your website, this is also an important method of weighted return rate, improve. read more

The annual fish fish in the Shanghai dragon reading theory

1. fish stall position is better, put fish will be eye-catching! In fact this is about our keywords in the layout, the layout of the page title description has been reasonable to striking, proper keyword density increase.


Shu Hong to express here is that we do and sell fish are not the same thing. At least for now is not the same. If there is such a day, our website on the road and the road of the same fish stall, that is the personal website of the end and a cup.

2. the price of fish to be affordable, quality is fish! This is about our articles issued to high quality, best original article, the search engine of love.

in a market to occupy a good position, then need to pay the price. Two basic ways: A, spend the money more than others to take that position. B, take refuge in a local gray boss or hook chain with local gangs, through the market operation of rivals. In addition, the basic do nothing. Can you say your site keywords layout is such a kind of logic? Because the site is open your own, you can have sufficient permissions to fully design, at the mercy of any content mobilize the space inside, as long as you have this ability. May engage in a complete mess, but it is your own thing. However, the fish market is not your investment, have the ability to let others to sell fish people do not sell fish in there. Just want to explain, it is two different things. read more

Some experience of website will not be revised down the right search engine

Whether or

four: the home page is the essence of

two: site title name card

website does not always make the webmaster headache topic, due to urgent need to develop some new functions leads to the site facing a comprehensive revision of the state, but worry will be down the right search engine has not revised, Yuan Xielai today to share with you how to change the version of the site will be down the right search engine.

, a website operation and the main direction of website structure

C. revised website title, the 10% – 30% should not try not to delete the disposal.

whether the web structure website structure flat or rectangular, will undoubtedly play the best to establish guidance and guidance for users to grab. Modification of site navigation, the author thought the experience, do site navigation correction, both in the investigation site still higher weight site, but need to pay attention to, the use of web navigation styles, under normal circumstances can not use FALSH or JS, using DIV and CSS structure, site navigation in the amendment should not draw the text the title and the title of the channel, the URL address to exactly the same; if the website two contents and navigation conditions favorable to the progress, only the site without barrier type (two level contents using FLASH or JS) amendment, basically will not affect the website collect and snapshot of time. read more

Shanghai dragon barge extinction Theory because our slow pace

: first let the enterprise re recognize the correct recognition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon

in this industry, often met with some friends: Shanghai Longfeng pessimistic theory article, the author has also written several articles about the prospect of Shanghai dragon. Plus two years love Shanghai optimization more difficult, I think there may be a part of our friends have abandoned this industry, the author just read an article by Lu Songsong: in 2014 there will be a large number of unemployed people because of Shanghai dragon. First, certainly there is a certain reason Lu Songsong said, like WeChat, micro-blog and other marketing marketing marketing mode on the counter attack, Shanghai dragon industry impact is very big, moreover is the customer attitude to Shanghai dragon gradually change. However, despite the Shanghai dragon truth becomes more difficult to walk, will not let Shanghai dragon quickly perish, at least love Shanghai and Google, 360 search also followed. User search habits will always exist, whether you are using PC, or intelligent mobile phone, or other equipment. read more

Accumulation and analysis from your website with valuable content optimization

second, to identify their strengths and weaknesses. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of our audience to be aware of their service or product potential in what place, we know that no one is perfect, a perfect enterprise can not do everything perfect, must have their own strengths and weaknesses, so, in the process of service users in particular in the presentation of the website we should learn from each other, their purpose to show the content through the site layout and site structure adjustment, because customers are sometimes blind, we need to do what the customer actually is very important, is to guide, guide the method lies in the construction and layout of the site structure and text content.

fourth, clear user needs unraveling website localization of core users. Website optimization is a very important problem is as a webmaster we must understand our website users which include website user location, user’s age, gender, information behavior and so on, before planning must clear their website content, website user > what read more

Analysis of optimal setting 404 page giant website details


analysis of the optimal MAC site – details page settings

to see, the 404 page of domestic portal website is how to make a big coffee here, Shaoxia also collected 404 pages of some famous sites. Please see

? !

three, the 404 big coffee website page – learning.

if we don’t, we must learn to act (copy).

1, Tencent -404 page

4, reduce the error, a blank page, improve website trust.

, what is the 404 page

Tencent is an imitation of the similar home page, no matter in the bottom or click "return to automatically return to the Tencent can play back to the home page" designed for 404 – >

; 404

3, enhance the site friendly experience, users love

1, avoid the spider into a dead end, efficient use of spider resources;

recently at the time of diagnosis to Shaoxia do many websites, found a problem, the site are very delicate, but the 404 page is no ground for blame, have not been seriously. But no matter from the user point of view or spider’s perspective, this is a very bad experience, reducing light traffic, heavy weight affected. For sites, this is sick! Get treatment, so today, with Qingyuan Shaoxia Shanghai dragon to learn how the 404 page is the best choice. read more

Do four details let you stand inside the article reach the second level

the number of words in the article is also a very important evaluation factors, an article if words too, is unable to accurately show the meaning of this article; but too many words will let users lose patience, love will make Shanghai more difficult. Therefore, one of the details of the words is our control to do so, and how should we judge whether the right word


when I was in school, I believe the Chinese teacher will teach us, to give the typesetting neat a good first impression. So is the website editor. An article regardless of your original degree is high, write more beautiful and beautiful, if the layout below is not ugly, see,

details: the theme should conform to the type of site

here I summarize the types and the number of words: > depends on the website

this article even write well, high quality, can not get the favor of love Shanghai, not to mention the love Shanghai seconds, should go to look for on the construction site of the article, such as website construction techniques, and so on can be reached with the theme for the type of website, read more

Kingsoft about COOPEN software project promotionSeveral methods of soft Wangzhuan

bus corn is how to do a monthly income of 6W? He introduced his experience, referring to his own project, a method of annual profit of millions. For example, he raised his website. This article is constantly reprinted because the admin also knows that the article is not explicitly advertised in Riga, but for illustration and illustration.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

just mentioned 3. tomato, tomato antivirus net Wangzhuan

more League information goes on:

, this is the second form, that is,

fault: the administrator didn’t like it and deleted you.

disadvantages: lose part of the traffic.

advantage: you can direct your advertisement.


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

disadvantages: administrators will also delete.

1., I put this sentence in an article, this is the first form of soft soap advertising, that is, web site type.

today to understand what is soft text, soft Wen which kinds of expression: read more

How to deal with the love of Shanghai earthquake in June 28th

the garbage outside the chain, for the chain of garbage is mainly caused by the K movie website and web site medical class, the new garbage connection is mainly among some of the forum when connecting and sending up.

response strategy.


is the love of Shanghai was in June 22nd and the June 28th K earthquake events love Shanghai, love Shanghai punishment site nothing more than three sites, a chain of garbage (including mass) of the site, a site is the content quality is too low, the last one is the content in violation of love Shanghai official "love Shanghai will improve the quality of news station show, processing low quality news station" a requirement of the site, so we webmaster as long as the content and the chain from the start to restore > right down

3. is the title and content


added two reasons:

the cause of the incident.I remember in front of

2. news when the total

in the last June 22nd with sea K events of the webmaster pain also cured, but also ushered in the 28 day of the love of Shanghai earthquake, this is K than the last June 22nd K was more tragic, most of the QQ group and forum none not chaos, the QQ group of course no exception to discuss this June 28th love the Shanghai earthquake, the author also rush began to investigate the 28 day love Shanghai earthquake, after the analysis of the QQ group and forum version of the friends of the site to provide, finally find out the reasons of occurrence and decisive plan, the specific contents are as follows: read more

Love Shanghai optimization how to avoid the 11 phenomenon

is often the joy after sorrow, less than three months, one day suddenly found its own web site registered resume, think for a long time can not find a reason, a subordinate said in a fall in love with the sea and we could not find any ranking in wonder! Yesterday in the second not well? Don’t fall in love with the sea? Is a problem? Never mind, then I will come back tomorrow, day in and day out site has been in that position is very awful: first… Page second. When all the patience exhausted feeling when you fall in love with the sea also won’t be a problem so long before a friend told me that the site is 11! So I began to see the "love Shanghai 11" phenomenon. So it is a learning, a discussion, a study, and the A5 from the bottom and turn to face from the side in the end, the last a sigh: over the self effacing.


himself before entering the Internet website, the network is also said to be utterly ignorant of, is not a little understanding of the industry. Until one day two years ago, I open a logistics company comrades asked if I could help find two truck drivers in the wine on the table? I say what you want, what treatment? I go home to help you on the Internet is made, he said. Comrades entrusted to him, of course, to be the first priority for, dare not a little delay. But the opening number of Yangzhou talent website in Shanghai after the chagrin of found almost all sites are released not recruitment information, ask a phone call in the past, that is to be released after payment. read more

Reasonable analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization ten errors 2

site that you are ready to go, the new website, the Internet is fair, love or love fresh content in Shanghai. For new sites, you have no history, then you start is the site of the history. In order to love Shanghai on your favorite website, but also to the webmaster to.

When using the

sixth errors: website

yesterday we talked about the reasonable analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization ten errors (Part I), a lot of friends already have to understand, do not understand the love of Shanghai can search the can, after a long time of each big website has been reproduced in the streets are full.

has a love index in sea site analysis, click on it, can give us a look:

I ask the webmaster friends, how do you check website included? Is site or the Internet Webmaster Tools query included? In fact, whether it is site or webmaster tools shows the site included the number is not accurate, is only an approximate and reference value. So, how do we see the real website included Shanghai dragon to optimize analysis to accurate read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do the following work

1, to maintain optimal working state: optimizing the working state is good first we should form the basis of a habit, so in the service process, when your website ranking stable, we can according to the situation of competitors adjust our execution, according to the key properties analysis. How to give the customers get the maximum conversion rate, the change of strategy at the same time, consider for the clients and readers, let us Shanghai dragon play a role, conversion reached Online to Offline.

two, Shanghai Longfeng follow-up work on what to do in the

3, the implementation of extended service: customers in the conversion condition, a customer will increase the additional service for us to know you as long as customers to create profits, and achieve the customer return on investment and the proportion of the customers is also very user-friendly, he will give you the other services or to introduce to you Shanghai Longfeng list. So, friends, good, sincere service for customers, then extended service is a matter of time. read more

The chain should pay attention to several forms of chain

hyperlink is that you can directly click on the address you can open web pages, the weight of the chain of the site promotion has great effect, is a common form of links online to see, is clear, clear features. If one is a single link, the link of the keyword ranking does not help much. Unless you’re in the link before and after plus related keywords and description.

anchor text link

is that users can picture a link to this page, this form is widely used in the type of shopping website, because in the gorgeous picture appearance, text link is pale, hyperlinks often appear not tall. When you send this link to pay attention to the alt attribute on pictures, add in the ALT property search engine keywords can help good judgment to you the pictures and links to content.

pure text links


pure text links is a separate text URL, users can click to open, copy and paste to address the need to open the page in the address bar, Shanghai dragon search engine will also track to text links to crawling, but the weight of the website of the vote of little help, so in conditions allow the best not to send this link, mainly is very easy to be found on other sites to delete, because it is very eye-catching. But if the chain released to the news source site, or posted to the website of the larger flow, reproduced by chance is very large, in the invisible, the chain you suspected spread rapidly. read more

find the master on Dragon School in Shanghai

3, you can help each other

two, those who do master

1, and whether you need to find the people familiar with

This type of The

is actually a lot of people still willing to teach, the premise is that you must be polite, is carefully prepared, but that is the executive power of the people, a lot of friends and I said, did not know who to ask me questions, no more urgent answer, but also directly have even jitter the curse; it also caused a lot of people are now willing to not willing to ignore those people who ask questions, answer good fortunately, not also scold answer; but generally people or not, I met are generally more polite; I will give what people answer, a one is in the group I created and active, often communicate with people; one is the more polite and ask questions very carefully, not the kind of love can Shanghai have answers; another is often talk to me. I don’t want to answer is not known, will give you a website, you give me to analyze, what to do; indeed, I suspect some is in cheat click, analysis a > read more

According to the observation of the B2B platform to enhance the weight of long tail keywords can mak

and there are some long tail demand is necessarily a page to resolve, I think there will be a number of real user needs as the starting point of the small and beautiful sites, such sites as well as the search engine to obtain good rankings and flow. The love of Shanghai put a lot of B2B is placed before, so we went to get good rankings can we make use of the B2B platform. We can test the weight which B2B ranked high, we have what platform to publish their own information, we can even do not care about the station traffic itself, if you use a good draw from the search engine traffic is bigger than you get it in the station

Two days to Shanghai dragon industry friends to communicate before

I often see some business mentor said, when we don’t start to love Shanghai, Ali, Tencent competition. We can only depend on it, use it, at this stage, we can only use these platforms to get good rankings for our products. In fact, we can follow the traffic flow where we go, in which, it can’t be wrong. The rise of micro-blog, we go to the micro-blog WeChat strong drainage, we use WeChat drainage. Now in love with Hai Qing Lai platform, we focus on the platform, we can be found at the time of the research, which website weight high ranking, our products will appear in what platform. read more