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England bank on Barclay for Italian job

first_img Barclay Brown (Hallamshire, Yorkshire), winner of the inaugural North of England under 14 Junior Open Stroke Play Championship at South Moor Golf Club recently, has been selected among four players for the Italian International under 16 Championship at Biella Golf Club on 2nd – 4th September. The other three are Alex Fitzpatrick (Hallamshire, Yorkshire), Rhys Nevin-Wharton (Sandiway, Cheshire) and Luke Northwood (Kenilworth, Warwickshire). Brown, only 13 years old, carded a two-under-par opening round of 70 to lead by three at South Moor then added a 74 before torrential rain and thunderstorms made the Durham course unplayable and the tournament was reduced to 36 holes. Fitzpatrick, 15, the younger brother of 2013 US Amateur champion Matthew Fitzpatrick, finished third in last year’s Douglas Johns Trophy but went two better this year, winning by one stroke. Nevin-Wharton, 16, finished tied third in the Northern Counties Boys Qualifying, fourth in the Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters and equal fifth in the Cheshire Stroke Play Championship. Northwood, 15 (image copyright Leaderboard Photography), a member of the England Regional under 16 Coaching Squad for the West Midlands, finished runner-up in this year’s McGregor Trophy, the English Boys under 16 Championship, at Radcliffe-on-Trent and like Brown and Fitzpatrick, this will be his maiden overseas assignment for England Golf. The Italian under 16 Championship is played over 72 holes of stroke play with a cut after 36, the leading 40 players and ties qualifying for the final two rounds. 27 Aug 2014 England bank on Barclay for Italian job last_img read more


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