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Cao Cao the purpose of the exchange and several problems Links

1, the PR value high. The PR value represents the website weight, high PR value will stick for a long time, must have the high quality of the chain support. Exchange links with the weight can improve their website.

day "hold a stick" after the start, every day I will take ten minutes to find the chain, ten minutes, and then look at the website ten minutes to "suppress" an original article came out. This can really uncomfortable, today is an old promble: exchange Links. To ask, what is your exchange Links purpose? Improve your weight? Traffic rank? Or PR value? I think that a few have it, in fact, the three are complementary to each other, to enhance the site weight can bring traffic, the site had a strong chain would improve the PR value, the PR value will be high exchange more high quality links to further enhance the weight, and then enhance the flow to improve the PR value…… It said also was endless. The ZA to discuss, what is the high quality links? I think there are the following three aspects: so read more

Shanghai dragon flash website optimization real Xerox


1, BBS signature of the chain! Find a lot of high weight can be placed by the signature of the forum, often reply posts, anchor text >

communication program, let them to the site all of the articles do a static page, the page only as a search engine, or the site visitors can see the inside of the flash, the plan to quickly complete the update sitemap and roborts files.


3, you cannot add Links

I take the chain method mainly includes:

The second step: with

a little good news is that the company’s website PR value is 3, there is the Universiade keywords souvenirs competition is generally


I was originally a B2C mall responsible for the company’s Shanghai dragon, but in this year during the Universiade, because the company is a franchised dealer Universiades precious metals, the boss gave us down to the task, we cooperate with product sales company Universiade, give me an additional task is to optimize the company’s website FLASH the Universiade! Souvenirs, Universiade commemorative coins of these words do go up read more

Shanghai dragon is able to become the science to see whether the result is controllable

essence, Shanghai dragon is a kind of game, in this game, participants involved algorithm, users, competitors and colleagues. The results support Shanghai Longfeng uncontrolled people think, because these parties do not controllable, so the result is not controllable. The first algorithm is not controllable, the search engine algorithm in the continuous adjustment, even every day there will be a small adjustment, this adjustment may be user experience considerations, may also be considered for commercial purposes, may also be pressure from outside, such as love Shanghai to combat piracy. Shanghai dragon Er does not control the search engine algorithm adjustment. Secondly, the user is not controllable. We cannot control the behavior of users, user behavior plays an important role in the Shanghai dragon, for example if the comment quantity increases, ranking may rise. Third, competition is not controllable. We cannot control the competitors using Shanghai dragon means optimization degree can not control the competitors. Fourth, colleagues uncontrollable. Shanghai dragon is the joint operation planning, publishing, and code optimization and so on, a lot of the time, the colleague’s behavior is not controllable. Due to the above various item is not controllable, so the result is not controllable, Shanghai dragon. read more

Cause the chain loss rate high reason and solution

solution: in the chain, we should keep a little, an account don’t release too much of the article, it is better to play a gun for a gun, published several articles, then register an account, it is not because the account was closed, resulting in loss of the chain is too high.

forum signature for keywords ranking is very helpful, especially in the anchor text in the form of signature, the effect is better; a lot of friends for the forum signature is not enough to understand, often in order to optimize and replace it, such as today is a small mountain in order to optimize the key words, so to do this is a small mountain in the signature of keywords in the signature, tomorrow may feel is a small mountain Black Tea this keyword is more valuable, and the signature for the Black Tea is a small mountain, we found that once we replace the signature, so we all have the signature change, assume the amount of words for the degree of loss of the chain is still quite large.

account closure is a sad thing, because the account is not blocked only one or two articles, a few articles for the site is not affected; some long-term account is the release of the chain, such as blogs or forums of their own, many friends found this place a good weight post collection rate is very high, don’t and it is very safe, so every day to send the chain, one day when the account was closed off, so the site is a fatal blow. read more

Three reasons of affecting the user experience


do not underestimate a web interface, this interface is equivalent to a shop store, if the interface of the website is out of order, chaos, pop everywhere, when the user wants to point a movie or an article, actually eject several popups to, then this kind of site is limited, the user experience is good. So, if you want to do a user experience, you can not put the window, but to control the time and play the pop-up frequency, not a minute to play several times, also experience what! Is the site of the second color collocation, a lot of people according to their own love color collocation website color, because everyone has different color sense, some love red, some love green, then appeared bright network, however, when the color collocation to pay attention to the site when you do stand, for example, the website is best to use more sentimental deep color, so as to more prominent website characteristics. One can add user emotions. To better explain the sentimental meaning, this is called inside and outside. read more

Shanghai dragon to understand simple things to do is not simple


A, general time quantitative, I am accustomed to 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., a new web site, if the station every day 3-5 article on the lot, large requirements need a lot of advice in the early stage of the 30-50 article about. Here to give you advice is also a plan to give their updated quantitative timing on the search engine is a very good habit of training, will give the site a very good evaluation.

2, adhere to the construction site outside the chain

chat with a friend, accidentally swept his signature at a glance: simple things to do, is not simple! It’s a very simple word, have seen before many times, jokingly said, will use his signature to write an article, he said, now I have time you start to write. Of course, this writing is not the reason to write, you already have this idea, just to take this opportunity to write out some of their own ideas.

here introduce some usual I practice, because my way is not typical, here to introduce a very good friend of mine, his manipulation is worth drawing power, you might find you from his way inside to do outside of the chain. He did the chain to the site www.yj-wx贵族宝贝, a month on the five thousand, and are now ranked in the first. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is actually very simple fix 3 Tips

do Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, 3 elements:

behind you

2. a search

1. Shanghai dragon thinking strategy

3. who do first mobile phone terminal optimization, who is the first to get ranked

Choose a good market


Shanghai dragon has been developed for many years, is really help a lot of people to make life in the first pot of gold, because Shanghai Longfeng feasible development and optimization of low cost, so more and more people began to study Shanghai dragon. The industry has once developed, also spawned a lot of new business models.

After friend

, a Shanghai dragon thinking strategy

has been chosen for their own industry, have some characteristics and features of the industry began to study.

when the Internet, especially the Shanghai dragon optimization article, to speak in terms of the nature of the final or something, but it is more and more complex, this is a double-edged sword.

is actually very simple, find out the industry.

usually Shanghai Longfeng optimization difficulty is closely related to your industry, natural hot industry is highly competitive, difficult to optimize nature will be greatly improved, so we must choose to combine their own situation. read more

The website editors talk about Shanghai dragon let station editor is no longer a problem

as the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is only as a guide to the Shanghai dragon do the key is to accumulate experience, summed up the Shanghai Longfeng law from practice. For the website editor, Shanghai dragon is the most basic work, this is one of the most important part of the Shanghai dragon. Many station editor friends when editing the site, usually feel dull as ditch water, in this case are collected, slightly modified to expand, will be posted on the website, or through multiple articles together, in the expansion of order published on the website. For the professional staff of Shanghai Longfeng normally will have their own concept of editing.

rapid development of Internet technology, the face of the vision of the new, different types of Web sites are not poor, work every day from the complex editorial staff often feel station day in and day out, no content can be edited, no content can be extended, the conventional software acquisition from the slightly processing, search engines do not buy it. Shanghai small for everyone to share "four in one" concept, the station for the extended editing tips, let the station editor is no longer a problem. read more

The inventory of 12 reasons Shanghai website love or not updated snapshot

5, the content of low quality

website often subject to hacker attacks, web servers often fail, the website is linked to the horse etc. will directly affect the stability of the site, if this situation will lead to long-term love Shanghai snapshot or long-term not update phenomenon. Buy space construction site safety is necessary.

chain with the same content, not the more the better, to maintain quality under the condition of steady increase, the high quality of the chain construction please refer to this article: "depth interpretation of high quality site outside the chain of knowledge

website site were collected, webmaster for convenience to use some tools for collecting daily collection, or some pseudo original work, lead content is not readable, affecting the user experience, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot or update.

6, the chain of less

many web programs have exquisite template, but when you do website optimization, the best can confirm a good template not easily modified. Like to modify the structure, such as the theme of the site is very easy to cause the site to drop right or be K. read more

Analysis of keywords ranking from the keyword Shanghai dragon

four, website weight to the important role of

for keywords rankingShanghai Longfeng Analysis page ranking of these sites

Shanghai dragon ranking, I believe many people are often concerned about the Shanghai dragon why this site in the first row for a long time, now had the subtle change, Chinaz Shanghai Longfeng query tool came in front of it; love the sea algorithm adjustment, ranking will occur occasionally some changes, but the number is not much change, from the words of Shanghai Longfeng ranking can summarize some keywords ranking way:

love Shanghai ?Keywords

, a black hat Shanghai dragon ranking is only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum

search, they are very high weight, such as the Zac tips, stone interaction is founded in 06, Shanghai dragon why is many webmaster friends will be on the site now, these are very high weight website, because the keywords of the Shanghai the dragon’s ranking also play a big role in Shanghai and love >

some of the new site will receive special care to love Shanghai, keywords ranking is very good, but did not last long, and soon came down from the top; keywords Shanghai dragon ranking we also found, often there will be some websites in Shanghai Longfeng why above, there are a lot of people assume Shanghai dragon why the ranking of the fluctuations, but in the end still keep Shanghai dragon why own position, which means make up words may not be the most difficult, keep ranking is the most difficult. read more

Optimize the internal skills of the pseudo original and original wrestling with partner sites

pseudo original skills is actually very simple, one word. We need to do is make a difference, the former text get recognition in the article. Do false original when we are a destroyer, destroy the things before, but we are also an esthetician, destruction of an article, we immediately set up another article on this basis and. As previously I introduced the case, a case of the same, may introduce or so much, but different from the perspective of consolidation can achieve different effects.

1, the pseudo original applied to the original

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For the website, regardless of what kind of customer oriented, we all need a full content to show their own advantage, so as to retain customers, of course, this is just the transformation of customers, from the marketing point of view to analyze the content of the construction of our internal site. From the angle of Shanghai dragon, can achieve this point is really great, but most of the time because we need to do a lot of work to do, so when we do the optimization of the internal construction of the content more by pseudo original. read more

During the Spring Festival how to improve website ranking


can be said that the more large website is not relax, because of the large daily update amount is large, the chain also published, so the spider love Shanghai almost every day to climb, but also basically snapshot is updated daily. Because love Shanghai spider has been used every day and even instant crawl the website during the Spring Festival, if suddenly stop updating, although may still be updated snapshot, but the site’s trust will be reduced, the first day has not been updated for second days has not been updated for third days still not updated, arrival times will reduce the spider. For the station, may be updated once a week snapshot, but during the Spring Festival is still not relaxed, updated every day, the spider will think love Shanghai shorten the period of the updated snapshot, between the rise and fall, it may lead to the change of the ranking.

two, significantly reduced the amount of

, the

well, and the reasons for the decline in ranking, we talk about how to improve the site’s ranking quickly during the Spring Festival. According to the points mentioned above, is that we can easily think of, keep the update, improve the site’s traffic. However, in the Spring Festival is almost the most important Chinese crowd Festival, to do this is obviously difficult, but as long as the station, I master enough self-control, spend a few hours a day can keep the amount of updates, and large for it, the company may have dozens or even hundreds of employees rely on webmaster efforts is clearly not enough, then we must use some means to motivate employees, many specific methods, such as the purchase of the third party, now many Witkey websites can hire writers, and can be in accordance with article number billing, we can buy a sufficient number of articles in the Spring Festival holiday before. Each article about one yuan to a few dollars, according to the national 2013 Spring Festival holiday arrangements, in 10 columns, each column update 1-3 article, 7× 3=21, according to the calculation of each 1-3 yuan, 210-630 yuan to pay a total. read more

The website backlinks optimization operation summary

13, click on the link number: if the search engine can monitor the reverse link (the user clicks, click on the reverse link statistics system) more, that are of great help to the user, this type of link is more worthy of trust.

The number of Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


The residence time of 14

7, link on the page appears in the position of nature appear in the text of the link is the best.

2, link page’s importance: high weight weight page facing greater impact.

the following 15 reverse link optimization operation, most of the source – Shanghai dragon experience. Wu Feng put this knowledge to sum up, in order to facilitate the Shanghai dragon peer friends, there is a detailed reference in reverse link. For this paper, if you have a different point of view, Wu Feng is very welcome to leave a message, give your opinion

12, the reverse link in the page, even if there are links to other websites? If there is, and the content of Related words, that every link to the voting power will increase accordingly. If no related content, the overall quality of rigid links will drop a lot. This is why some station home chain to love Shanghai portal station reason. read more

The first noble baby Shanghai Longfeng how to do Google optimization

optimization is the most important? The number >




seventh: noble baby analytics.

Originally this is to

noble baby URL optimization and URL optimization and love Shanghai more or less some difference;

See the

URL Optimization:

The first step:

in the first place, but this together now I still not complete. Our site is 贵族宝贝, some of you will find that title is very long, the beginning of the heart we all know: think of a page for more keywords ranking, but the actual situation is too much weight keywords will seriously scattered pages. Because just do it soon, the product and the familiar degree is not enough, with the April plan website for TITLE optimization of all aspects of the

The fifth step: TDK polymerization

last year ushered in a major event in the life of marriage. Considering the reason of family and so on, resigned from the network’s work, came to a close by the foreign trade company, began a career noble baby site optimization. read more

17 types of content love baby aristocratic interviews news case analysis research in the column

here is some information about the search for similar. You can see how others do:

in Blogs in the noble baby

input intitle: "top 10" [list] [KEYWORD]

in News in the noble babyThe

benefits: experts may make links on your own web page to your page; if your readers / users trust experts, will trust you; if you add the correct code on the page to see the "noble baby co authors" such information, your family will trust you baby. For example, you can add rel= experts in the meta information in the name of ". You can also let the bloggers take your website to join their noble baby +.

An interview with in the nobility baby ImagesThe

list intitle:[KEYWORD] top "input 10" in the noble baby贵族宝贝, can be found in many display list in the form of content.

In an interview with

baby does not want you to go to the nobility to create a blog, and some key words can be ranked first in the search engine does not stop with the word blog. With this noble baby don’t put your blog in the first row. Not only to publish blog articles with many keywords content. You can create a new resource center -. read more

How to make the content of the collection to generate optimal value

first, modify the title, description and keywords. This is the most basic operation, if these do not change, love Shanghai will soon be considered plagiarism, and website content is hard to love Shanghai also included, even if included, then the user sees and other website content as like as two peas plus, your ranking in the content, click on the possibility of the very obviously low. With love Shanghai algorithm progress, this pure plagiarism acquisition mode, apparently already be inopportune or inappropriate. Here the title and keywords and describe the changes, we must pay attention to and the inside of the content is consistent, but also need to avoid the problem of the title of the party, the content and the title is of unity, but also need to have a certain degree of innovation, which helps to attract users to click.


second, to optimize the layout. People collect content can not put other people’s web page layout also collected, which is equal to the copy of a web page, will obviously be considered plagiarism or cheating in the love of Shanghai, but also bring bad phenomenon to the user. In typesetting, the first to combine their own site overall style layout, and then to minimize the advertising picture or other junk content, make the content of the collection is more prominent, it can realize the layout page difference. Here must let the collection content clean, after all, as a new website, the application of a large number of advertising is clearly not necessary, because it is your website ranking, or click rate is very low, even though the use of love Shanghai advertising alliance would bring to the site so the key to return, the web content layout to optimize, enhance the readability. read more

A detailed explanation of the analysis of 2014 Shanghai nstitute for love webmaster site outside th

first, attract spiders crawl: although love Shanghai under a lot of work in the new mining site, open a number of data submitted to the entrance, provides a social discovery channel, but the chain is still the most important discovery of the radio link entrance. This sentence is love Shanghai Adsense Institute’s original formulation, through this passage, it is not difficult to find the core of the chain is still attractive for web site search engine spiders crawl, but love is not limited to Shanghai railway station, grab the chain, open a number of data submitted to the entrance, social channels. The spider crawling visible entrance types increased, for the owners concerned not only the chain as a way to attract the spider, can refer to the above content through different channels and entrance attract spiders, for new sites selection range more widely.

? Today I saw

nets have a story for the new on-line love Shanghai station, the A5 station network is indeed tread on air, the webmaster of the vane, will be the first time the valuable information in readers’ eyes, the down under the link address to love Shanghai station, in the process of reading the content in an article on the school master of the chain into the eye, well, today the author and the analysis, love Shanghai Adsense Institute for the 2014 edition of the website chain introduced. read more

The chain after the site was down the right coping strategy

, the website Links whether there was K

site is down right, in addition to some uncontrollable factors, is nothing more than a keyword, content acquisition, chain, bold and H1 tags and other abuse, excessive optimization situation. Once a site is down right, these are the objects we have to check the. In the website internal optimization of this one, as long as it does not affect the user experience, then the influence of the website ranking will not be too big. Because there are too many outside chain is not controllable, therefore, should be reduced when the check as a key object, especially in green, the chain became a double-edged sword, well done, can let you fly, do well, will make you too horrible to look at. Therefore, in this paper, the author summarizes a few on the website be reduced after right outside of the chain strategy analysis:

Scindapsus came out, Links exchange becomes startling step by step, the problems will capsize. In fact, not only now, as early as Scindapsus algorithm prior to predecessors told us, Links each other is down right, or by K, so our website will be implicated. Therefore, after the site right down, we should immediately check the website of the Links, found the K website, or drop right serious website, then quickly deleted. The low weight site, if the number of the chain he has very much, the weight of this site can transfer can be ignored, so there is no need to exist. Links this one is often the culprit site is down right, such as the author’s website once tried after deleting a serious drop right site, ranking back within two days. Links is the site optimization double-edged sword fighter, when hung on the first Links start, we should timely check Links consciousness. read more

Optimization of Robots txt Yang has long have short

, using Robots.txt to save server bandwidth

two, website security protection directory

Robots.txt file is a simple TXT text, but focus on the website construction and website optimization Shanghai dragon Er are aware of its importance, its existence can be do not want search engines crawl the page can also be shielded, like a map of the same as the spider road navigation. When a spider crawling to a site, the first visit is Robots.txt if the file exists, then according to the content of the guidelines in the index to access, if the file does not exist if it were in accordance with the order of the links in the page access. So we can use it to shield some do not need to search engine to index directory or site map will be described in the Robots.txt guide the spider crawling, so the security of the website or save server bandwidth and guide index is very awesome, it can be said is to avoid Yang has long have short effect the following, we do detailed analysis to:

generally when we set the Robots.txt to the directory and database management and backup directory settings in hexadecimal, spider crawling, otherwise easily lead to data leakage effect of website security. Of course, there are some administrators do not want other spiders index directory, can also be set, so the search engine can strictly abide by this rule to be indexed. read more

The change of the 2011 Google important ranking algorithm

if a visitor can as soon as possible to get what they want, the search is a happy thing. Although the speed of the site is only a small factor in ranking, but the performance optimization of your page has great significance.

Click on the

most of the Google search results will display more than 10 pages also list. The search results are no longer just a link, but including images, video, news, local search results etc..


two: social search becomes more

five: you can not just focus on Google, YAHOO will be a combination of

you have to do with a comprehensive approach to the promotion of your site: optimize your web content, get good backlinks, to provide local information, submit your business video to Google, and so on, make sure that your website is possible in all forms of Google’s search results.

: the low quality of the website by filtering

in 2011 was a very busy year. Especially in the search service, great changes have taken place in the algorithm. If you want your website to keep a good ranking, get enough tourists, you must understand these changes. With the end of 2011, the author in this paper several Google algorithm change in 2011 finishing more important. read more