Casablanca Best Arab City for Young People Aged 15 to 29

Rabat – Casablanca is the most youthful city in the Arab World, according to a study conducted by the Canada-based independent research firm Youthful Cities.The Moroccan city is the best place for young people aged between 15 and 29 in the Arab region, Youthful Cities said in its 2015 Youthful Cities Index.Casablanca was ranked 44th in the global index, which measured the attractiveness of 55 cities around the world from the perspective of youth. The city was ranked ahead of Dubai (50th), Cairo (48th) and Beirut (52nd).The study is based on 101 indicators across urban attributes, including economic status, employment opportunities, digital access, culture, affordability, transit and sports.Morocco’s economic hub was ranked second most youthful city in the African continent behind South Africa’s Johannesburg which was ranked 35th.Youthful Cities collected data through a survey conducted among 10,000 young people across the world, with New York topping the global index, followed by London, Berlin and San Francisco.“Remember, every single city on this list is youthful, regardless of its position. Of a total of 1,600 points, the lowest cities on the list accumulated roughly 40%, while the top cities on the list accumulated roughly 60%,” said Youthful Cities Global Director Sonja Miokovic.“This means that every city has something to celebrate- something that stands out as incredibly youthful,” she added.Graphic by Youthful Cities

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