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Public Prosecutor Forces Hirak Detainees to Appear Before Court

Rabat – Five detainees of the Rif Hirak movement, including Nasser Zefzafi allegedly refused to appear before Casablanca’s Appeal court on Tuesday, January 2, according to Moroccan media.Hakim El Ouardi, a public prosecutor said that he received a report from the director of the Ain Sebaa prison, saying that Zefzafi and three other detainees refused to attend the hearing.“The defendants were examined by the prison doctor, who affirmed that their health conditions are normal and stable, but they refused to attend the trial,” added El Ouardi. The prosecutor condemned the activists’ refusal to appear before the court, stating that this strategy will “hinder the progress of the trial.” The prosecutor also asked the court to issue a warning to the defendants, saying that he will bring the detainees by force if they persist in their refusal.The lawyers of the Hirak detainees, Mohamed Aghanaj denied the content of the report presented to the general prosecutor, saying that Zefzafi “personally insisted on his willingness to appear at the hearing.”The trial restarted around 14:30 p.m. and the five defendants were brought back from Oukacha prison to the trial’s room.On Tuesday, December 26 the Hirak detainees trial was postponed. The activist’s defense committee informed the judge of the trial that detainees are carrying out “mass strike” due to the “ill-treatment” and “deliberate collective punishment” they claim to be subjected to by prison officials.A prominent leader of the Hirak movement, Nasser Zefzafi has demanded the court “to accelerate his execution through a death penalty.”Zefzafi said that he is ready to be executed starting tomorrow. “I would die as a martyr for this country.”“Any victory is greater than this. We have left children, young men, and women behind us. They will win back this country,” he said inside the courtroom.The detained Hirak activists are facing a variety of charges, including “undermining the internal security of the state,” according to Casablanca’s court. read more

AP Explains Behind Libra Facebooks new digital currency

NEW YORK — Facebook is unveiling a digital currency called Libra as the company seeks to make its ads more valuable by enabling smoother transactions and payments online, particularly among those without credit cards or bank accounts.Libra will use the same security and record-keeping principles as Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency system today. But unlike Bitcoin, Libra is backed by several traditional financial companies, including PayPal, Visa and Mastercard, and will base its value on multiple real-world currencies such as the U.S. dollar and the euro. Libra also faces additional scrutiny over privacy, given Facebook’s poor record on the matter.Here’s a look at Libra and other cryptocurrencies.WHAT’S A CRYPTOCURRENCY ANYWAY?It’s a form of digital cash that uses encryption technology to make it secure. Cryptocurrencies exist not as physical bills or coins but rather as lines of digitally signed computer code. Records are typically kept on ledgers known as blockchain.People can store their cryptocurrency stashes in virtual wallets that resemble online bank accounts. Facebook is developing a wallet app for Libra. As with other cryptocurrencies, people will be able to buy and sell libras on exchanges for traditional currencies. It’s not clear what fees, if any, consumers will have to pay for such transfers, although Facebook says they should be low.WHY NOT USE BITCOIN?Although Bitcoin has gotten a lot of attention, it isn’t widely used. For one thing, its value fluctuates wildly, meaning that $100 in bitcoins today might be worth $300 a month from now — or $2.50. Only a handful of merchants accept bitcoins as payments.Facebook is hoping to keep the libra’s value stable by tying it closely to established currencies. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, the Libra will be backed by real-world bank deposits and government securities in a number of leading currencies.Facebook is also recruiting partners ahead of time. Lyft, Uber and Spotify already have joined the Libra group. They will likely accept libras when the system launches. They’ll also help fund, build and govern the system. That’ll make Libra less of a free-for-all than Bitcoin. Facebook says Libra will embrace regulation, but it isn’t providing many details on how.With most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, anyone can lend computing power to verify transactions and to prevent anyone spending the same digital coin twice. With Libra, the verifications will initially be managed by its founding companies, such as Facebook and PayPal. Facebook believes the closed approach will mean better security.ARE CRYPTOCURRENCIES ANONYMOUS?Although it’s possible to trace bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies as they are spent, owners of accounts behind the transactions aren’t necessarily known. That makes such currencies a favourite among certain cybercriminals. But it is sometimes possible to tie cryptocurrency transactions to a real person who has cashed out digital coinage into a traditional currency.And if someone spends libras while logged onto Facebook, it’s theoretically possible Facebook could tie it back to a real person. Facebook says it won’t be able to see this data when someone uses a third-party wallet, although it hasn’t yet explained why that is.Facebook says it won’t use Libra data to target ads, but may share data “to keep people safe, comply with the law, and provide basic functionality.” Facebook is creating a subsidiary, Calibra, to try to keep the operations separate.GETTING STARTEDLibra is scheduled to launch publicly in the first half of next year. Whether consumers will embrace it is another matter. Discounts potentially offered by Uber and other partners might be enough to get people to at least try the system. But many people find it easy enough to pay for goods and services online with credit and debit cards.There could be greater appeal among people who don’t have bank accounts. Libra could open up e-commerce to them.Though Libra could be a way for Facebook to drive spending when people interact with Facebook ads, the company says the currency will be independent and won’t require a Facebook account to use.Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press read more

JVP questions Indian government stand

The opposition Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today questioned the stand of the Indian central government on the agitation campaign taking place in Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka.JVP MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the Indian government must state clearly if it can assure the safety of Sri Lankans visiting India. He said that it is the responsibility of the Indian government and not Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram to ensure the security of foreigners visiting that country. “The Indian government is passing the ball to Jayalalithaa then she is passing the ball back to the Indian central government and then the Indian government is passing the ball to the IPL organizers. This won’t do,” he said.The JVP MP also said that the Sri Lankan government must also clearly state if it’s safe for Sri Lankans to travel to India. He also slammed the Sri Lankan government for handing over several projects in Sri Lanka to the Indians which has affected the country’s foreign policy. “This is not about the IPL. This is about Sri Lankans travelling to India after obtaining a valid visa. What they are going for is irrelevant,” he said.Dissanayake said both the Indian and Sri Lankan government’s are ignoring the core issue and passing the buck.“Tamil Nadu and the Indian government should sort their issues. That’s not our problem. Tamil Nadu cannot deal with our government. The Indian government must do that,” he said. The JVP MP also accused the Sri Lankan government of creating the situation which has developed in Tamil Nadu by failing to address the core issues behind the 30 year war. (Colombo Gazette) The MP was responding to the recent incidents in Tamil Nadu targeting Sri Lankans, which has culminated with Sri Lankan cricketers being banned from taking part in IPL matches to be played in Chennai. read more

Business leader leaves stamp on Goodman history

Deepak Chopra came ready to deliver a wealth of business knowledge to a room of eager listeners.The President and CEO of Canada Post was on campus Thursday, Oct. 5, to provide insight into the corporation and receive the 2017 Distinguished Leader award presented by Brock’s Goodman School of Business.Now in its 10th year, the Distinguished Leader Series is a tradition that recognizes the achievements of several business leaders in a wide range of industries.The leader of one of Canada’s most well-known brands and one of the country’s largest employers, Chopra has more than 25 years of global experience in the financial services, technology, logistics and e-commerce industries.He spent a full day on campus and addressed a crowd of close to 300 members of the Brock community as part of the D.G. Willmot Leader Series, where he shared some of the wisdom he has gathered throughout his career in business.Chopra also met Brock’s senior administration, led an interactive closed-boardroom session with an exclusive group of Goodman student leaders and facilitated a roundtable discussion with local members of the Goodman Alumni Network.“It’s an amazing honour to be recognized in the company of the past distinguished leaders,” Chopra said before beginning his address. “To be in the company of those great leaders as the head postman is quite an honour and I am absolutely thrilled to accept that.”Although Chopra traced Canada Post’s history back to 1763 when the Treaty of Paris was signed, a time when the mail network included three horses travelling between three main cities, he said the organization is no longer “your grandmother’s Canada Post.”Drawing from humble beginnings, Canada Post is now an $8-billion business that has 65,000 employees, 6,300 retail outlets and 16,000 trucks, and covers 16 million addresses from coast to coast.“We go up and down to the moon twice a day. The amount of travel in walking, driving and flying we do every day is going to the moon twice,” Chopra said in an effort to put the workload into perspective.He took the helm of the corporation in 2011, a year that proved to be pivotal in the mail business.“Mail was declining at a pretty sharp rate,” Chopra recalled. “If we did not transform the business, we would have lost $1 billion a year.”With e-commerce in its infancy and macro trends pointing to a jump in online shopping, Chopra recognized it as an opportunity, but the business was not there yet.“We decided that if the market doesn’t exist, we will create it,” he said, explaining that in 2012, his team introduced the Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards to identify and recognize seven small startups that were trying to succeed in the e-commerce field. These included and Rent Frock Repeat, which have since grown to become multimillion dollar companies.“We not only invested in the startups and the dreams that these entrepreneurs had, we wanted to create the urgency for larger retailers that were way behind,” Chopra said.“When the market didn’t exist, we created these early shoots, these early success stories. If we had sat back and waited for the opportunity to come to us, we would have waited a long time.”Chopra’s next challenge was to affect change on the culture within Canada Post.“How do you change the culture, how do you drive the passion to succeed, when a lot of people, even today, still have the impression that this is your grandmother’s Canada Post?” he questioned.In Chopra’s mind, he faced two opposite ends of an innovation continuum: he could outsource innovation to an external innovation hub or he could reinvent the core of the business.He decided to harness the knowledge and experience of his employees to build innovative solutions from inside the company. Through the development of a mobile app, delivery solutions like FlexDelivery, drive-thru parcel pickup locations, and a return-friendly fitting room for trying on online purchases, Chopra led his team to redefining Canada Post’s core business to be relevant in a digital age.“You wouldn’t expect that from your grandmother’s post office,” he said.Chopra’s story of having the courage to redefine a failing business model at a crucial time in the industry is one of tenacity — one that required a clear vision and an effective and innovative leader who could look ahead to identify a profitable opportunity.“We are now at a stage where we are growing. We’re profitable. We became Canada’s No. 1 parcel company two years ago and we will maintain that spot. We were left for dead six years ago,” he said.“I’m so blessed and lucky to be part of that journey where we were able to redefine the business that has national implications and hopefully we will create another generation of people who will be inspired.”Past recipients of the Distinguished Leader award include Martine Irman of TD Bank Group, Rossana Magnotta of Magnotta Winery, Len Pennachetti of Cave Spring Cellars, Ned Goodman of Dundee Corporation, Donald Ziraldo of Ziraldo Estate Winery, Galen Weston of Loblaw Companies Limited, Michael McCain of Maple Leaf Foods, John McCall MacBain of McCall MacBain Foundation and Paul House, formerly of Tim Hortons. read more

Football Turning around Ohio States turnover struggles

Ohio State then-junior linebacker Chris Worley (35) quiets opposing fans after an interception in the first half during the Buckeyes game against the Wisconsin Badgers on Oct. 15, 2016. The Buckeyes won 30-23 in overtime. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Former Photo EditorThrough nine games in 2017, Ohio State has forced 13 turnovers.It took five games to reach that milestone last season. Through nine games in 2016, the Buckeyes had forced 14 interceptions alone. They had 18 turnovers total.Ohio State’s offense was more inconsistent last season, but the ability for the Buckeyes’ defense to regularly force turnovers often aided the offense as is scored seven touchdowns and consistently gave the offense opportune field position. Forcing turnovers effectively became part of the team’s offense. This season, it has disappeared. “You know last year, the big thing was, you know, we put an emphasis on that in practice,” redshirt senior linebacker Chris Worley said Tuesday. “We probably have a period or so where we focus on taking the ball away multiple times. We’ve done the same thing this year, it just hasn’t happened.”There was expected to be some drop-off in the number of turnovers Ohio State forced heading into the year. The Buckeyes finished 2016 tied for the 10th-most turnovers in college football with 27, and they lost 15 of those to the NFL draft with safety Malik Hooker and cornerbacks Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley being selected in the first round.Defensive coordinator Greg Schiano said while losing the three key playmakers on defense hurt, he still has faith in the Buckeyes to be able to turn it around and force more turnovers again. “I don’t think it’s that simple, but I think that’s part of it when you’re talking about three first-round picks,” Schiano said. “But I’m confident we will start to get them. I really am. We’re just not getting them.”The coaching staff has noticed the inability to force turnovers this season, Schiano said. The Buckeyes have continued to practice different methods to increase their takeaways through practice, but nine games in, the results have not yet shown up on the field.“I definitely was concerned, not only before the Iowa game, but as the season had progressed, we weren’t getting them the way that I expected and that we expected as a defense,” Schiano said. “We talked about it last week and we actually made a huge emphasis and got more in practice than we got at any point this season.”Practicing turnovers is not exactly something that is easy to do. Players can practice techniques to force fumbles, learn how to get better reads on quarterbacks, but a degree of error on the other side of the ball is required.After watching the Buckeyes rack up turnovers last season, Worley said opposing offenses this season have gone into games against Ohio State focused on being overprotective of the football. Worley said ball carriers are holding on tighter to the ball and shielding it better, quarterbacks are quicker to release the ball and less likely to throw it in the direction of a looming safety.There is only so much the players can do to force turnovers, Worley said, so it has not become as much of a focus for the team this season. “Honestly, we can’t focus on that,” Worley said. “Because if we start trying to put an emphasis on taking the ball away in a game, you’re not going to get any takeaways. The only thing you’re going to get is missed tackles. So we’ve got to just focus on doing the little things and everything’s going to come.”Worley might say it is only a matter of time until the Buckeyes start forcing turnovers, but the team could start to need them sooner rather than later. With a matchup against No. 12 Michigan State at noon Saturday that could decide the Big Ten East, Ohio State needs as much to go its way as possible to keep its conference championship hopes alive. The Buckeyes will not all of a sudden become the ballhawks they were last season. But Schiano said the team will keep practicing different techniques to turn its fortunes around in that area and perhaps the Buckeyes can at least put themselves in better positions to force more turnovers.“It’s kind of like a batting streak,” Schiano said. “I’ve been doing this a long time and you go through streaks where you’re just getting them and bushels and then sometimes you’re in a lull. We’re doing a lot of the same emphasis drills and a lot of the same emphasis things on video, as much if not more. It’s just not adding up right now. But we keep going, it will come.” read more

Should Landon Donovan Be Going to the World Cup

On Thursday night, the head coach of the U.S. men’s national soccer team, Jurgen Klinsmann, decided he would not be taking Landon Donovan to the 2014 World Cup. Given that Donovan is one of the most decorated and long-standing soccer players in U.S. history, the news came as a shock to many American soccer fans.But for those who follow the sport closely, Donovan’s omission from the roster wasn’t so surprising. Klinsmann and Donovan got off to a rocky start in 2011, when Klinsmann first took the head coaching job and Donovan decided to take a break from soccer. Since then, Donovan has been working to get back into Klinsmann’s player pool, but nagging injuries sidelined him for much of 2013. At age 32, Donovan appeared to have lost some of his pace and ability to finish. Since scoring Oct. 6 of last year, he has taken 32 shots with the LA Galaxy and men’s national team, but he hasn’t scored a goal.Similarly, over the past three years, all of Donovan’s offensive statistics have been declining: goals, assists, expected goals and passing expected assists. (ESPN TruMedia does not have data available before the 2012 Major League Soccer season for these statistics. Passing expected assists are a measure of how many goals we’d expect his passes to generate based on where players received the ball and other context.) Donovan’s most recent performance makes a clear case against sending him to the World Cup.Klinsmann’s detractors are probably clinging to the memory of Donovan’s storied stoppage-time finish against Algeria at the 2010 World Cup, which sent the U.S. out of the group stage. No U.S. player has performed as well as Donovan in the past three World Cups in terms of goals scored (five), and he improved his ability to create scoring chances, complete passes and assists in each subsequent World Cup he played in.No longer finishing goals himself, the best reason to include Donovan on the squad in Brazil is probably his ability to create scoring chances for other people. Since the start of 2013, Donovan created 36 scoring chances in 12 games for the men’s national team — 15 more than any player going to Brazil.But four years is a long time, and a lot has changed for Donovan and soccer in the U.S. People expect something of the men’s national team this summer; simply qualifying for the tournament is no longer a point of pride. In previous World Cups, coaches might have taken a player along for his leadership qualities or experience, but Klinsmann has made it clear that a 32-year-old in bad form is not worth any amount of intangible qualities.It will be difficult to know whether Klinsmann made the right decision until June 26, when the U.S. finishes the group stage of the tournament. Because of Donovan’s name recognition and fan following, his absence might hurt World Cup viewership in the U.S. But the fact that the men’s national team is finally bigger than one player is great news for soccer in America. read more

Victory for Wallace the mule as dressage ban is overturned

Over the weekend, hundreds of horse riders expressed their outrage at the ban.British Dressage has got round the stubborn problem of what to do with a mule, by changing its definition of a horse.It will now follow international regulations which define a horse as a horse “or a pony or other member of the genus Equus. A horse shall be born from a mare.”Mules are the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, so the European definition puts Wallace in the clear.Wallace will compete in Gloucester on 21 July. Christie said, “I think Wallace will be absolutely ecstatic about it. He loves being around other horses and ponies. He really enjoys dressage and getting pats at the end.”She added: “This ruling is important because it opens up the options for people and shows that British Dressage is equal and wants to see every level of equus do what they can do.”British Dressage said that this change would come in “with immediate effect”. Wallace – a rescue mule, who had been found in a bus shelter in Ireland and rescued by the Donkey Sanctuary – had been taking part in unaffiliated tests earlier this summer.He had hoped to make up the numbers in a team taking part in the TeamQuest national championships, because some of the usual horses who would compete were lame. But he was banned. 11-year-old Mule Wallace the Great (right) with his rider Christie Mclean and horse Coleman. Until now, only horses could compete in high level dressage competitions 11-year-old Mule Wallace the Great (right) with his rider Christie Mclean and horse Coleman A mule who was banned from high level dressage competitions is to be allowed to take part, following a public outcry. The Board of Directors of British Dressage, the sport’s governing body, met on Monday to consider the plight of Wallace The Great and released a statement on Wednesday saying that not only could he compete, but so can other mules.Chief executive Jason Brautigam said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Wallace and his fellow mules to compete with BD, as part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity in dressage, making the sport more accessible to all.’Christie Mclean, 30, who rides Wallace, said: “This is fantastic news. Such a huge thank you to British Dressage.”I’m over the moon and completely overwhelmed. I never thought that this would happen in a million years.”Until now, only horses and ponies were allowed to compete in high level dressage competitions. Though mules could compete at low-level, unaffiliated, tests. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

UC Rusal and Chalco to cooperate more closely in the aluminium business

first_imgUnited Company RUSAL and Aluminium Corp of China (Chalco) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) on March 22 detailing the intent to co-operate in areas such as R&D of new technologies in the aluminium industry, development of bauxite resources and investments in integrated hydro powered aluminium production. The MOU was signed by the two major aluminium players in Moscow, in the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin during President Xi’s state visit to Russia.‘Actual aluminium market developments highlight the pressure the whole sector is under. This partnership between the two major global players in the aluminium sector is a significant step to address the current situation with the overproduction in the aluminium market. Through close cooperation the companies will look for new technological responses and replace outdated high cost production facilities with new advanced energy-efficient production capacity in Eastern Siberia, so as to promote sustainable development of the aluminium industry,’ said Oleg Deripaska, CEO of RUSAL.Xiong Weiping, President of Chinalco and Chairman of Chalco said: ‘Chalco and RUSAL are both responsible and influential major companies. The signing of the MOU is of great significance in the context of the severe challenges faced by the global aluminium industry. Chalco has a strong edge in R&D, engineering and design, construction, operation management, and in other areas. RUSAL’s clear advantages in aluminium industry technologies and hydro power resources are evident. Both parties will work closely together on various levels in the aluminium sector by complementing each other’s advantages, thereby contributing to the sound development of the global aluminium industry.’The partnership is in line with the strategic goal of the two countries to increase trading volumes. With the staunch support from both governments, the two companies will use both countries’ competitive advantages to reduce energy costs, further expand their markets, and seek out better investment opportunities and develop quality projects in the global mining industry.RUSAL is the world’s largest producer of aluminium, in 2012 accounting for approximately 9% of global production of aluminium and 8% of alumina. UC RUSAL employs about 72,000 people in 19 countries, across five continents. It markets and sells its products primarily in the European, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, South East Asian and North American markets.Chalco was established in the People’s Republic of China on September 10, 2001 with Aluminium Corp of China (Chinalco) being its controlling shareholder. As a leader of China’s non-ferrous metals industry, Chalco has independently developed and applied many new technologies and processes like the Ore-dressing Bayer Process and 500 kA High-Amperage Electrolytic aluminium Cell. It has an outstanding management team and a pool of technical professionals (with expertise in full-ranging areas) who have developed many core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Chalco is the only aluminium enterprise in China that integrates the exploration and mining of bauxite, coal and iron ore, the production and sales of alumina, primary aluminium and fabricated products, as well as related R&D. It is China’s largest producer of alumina, primary aluminium and fabricated products. It is also the world’s second largest alumina producer and the third largest primary aluminium provider.last_img read more

Lisa McInerney Pop culture in 2013 was full of wacky antics highs

first_imgSO 2013 IS coming to an end and it’s time for us all to pause, blink, and wildly tot up exactly what pop culture taught us this year. Oh, you may laugh, but pop culture is the window to the collective soul, and clearly in 2013 we yearned for high-waisted PVC knickers, convulsive dance moves and tornadoes made of sharks. Hey, it’s a rich tapestry.Here’s what we learned from the land of bubblegum and froth in 2013.1. All dancing is open to interpretationWe’ll remember 2013 for two equally irritating crazes: the Harlem Shake (That Wasn’t Really A Harlem Shake), and Appropriated Twerking. The first was a meme, and so thankfully as short-lived as it was obnoxious, like the Crazy Frog or a dose of the trots. The second was the requisition of sexually suggestive squatting by pallid pop stars desperate to shake a squeaky-clean persona. The most intolerable was Miley Cyrus, who yanked twerking into the mainstream with a performance at the VMAs in which she saw fit to hump a novelty foam hand. She went on to be satirised by the equally urban (i.e. not very urban at all) Lily Allen, who appointed professional dancers to twerk while she sang about how twerking was shit. Was there ever a dance to polarise the masses so? Well, yes. It was called the Macarena and it was a million times worse because your nana could do it (Nanas, please don’t twerk. There’s a safer way to make a compete tit of yourself: Prancercise™).On home shores, Linda Martin murdered song of the year ‘Get Lucky’ on the Saturday Night Show, jazzing it up with some awkward hip-shimmying. Those who managed to see enough of her performance through their fingers judged it ill-advised and watched Stephen Colbert waggle his arse to the anthem with Bryan Cranston instead. Proving, perhaps, that you don’t have to be a professional dancer to have moves; you just need to not be Linda Martin.Then there was Beyoncé, who became enraged when unflattering photographs of her dancing at her Super Bowl show appeared on Buzzfeed. Though the writers of the piece were merely paying homage to Bey’s fierceness, Bey proved to be distressingly deficient in the humour department, and subsequently banned press photographers from her Mrs Carter world tour lest more unbecoming images of her making stupid faces mid-routine appear on the world wide web and shatter her congregation. The point is that dancing, once thought of as the physical portrayal of joy, is VERY SUPER SERIOUS, and Beyoncé just plum ain’t going to do it if we’re going to snigger at her.2. Popularity makes terrible people more terribleThere was a disproportionate amount of monstrous carry-on from stars this year. Justin Bieber abandoned his monkey, allegedly threatened DJs and was rumoured to have visited houses of ill-repute, leading to his being christened Joffrey Bieber by everyone over the age of twelve. Miley Cyrus, when she wasn’t licking hammers, publicly mocked the mental health of Amanda Bynes and Sinead O’Connor. Robin Thicke huffed that those who criticised his ridiculously sexist video for ridiculously sexist ditty Blurred Lines just didn’t get that it was an ode to blissful monogamy. Caitlin Moran made Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman read pornographic fan fiction at a Sherlock Q&A session, because homosexuality is a hoot and fangirls are tragic virgins who need public shaming. Shia LaBeouf, when he wasn’t being kicked in the crotch in London street brawls, “forgot” to credit Daniel Clowes, the artist whose concept, story and dialogue he ripped off for his own short film. A swathe of the constellation was only atrocious this year.They could all do with taking lessons from the consistently delightful Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winner who proved in 2013 that you can be goofy, elegant, funny, generous and talented all at the same time. Turns out it’s not all that difficult to NOT behave like there’s some douchebag quota you desperately need to fill in time for the Bigwigs Ball, no matter how lauded and cosseted you are.3. Selfie was word of the year for a reasonThe Oxford Dictionary announced that “selfie” was the word of 2013 (pipping “twerk” at the post, incidentally), and it’s hardly surprising. From Gaga’s dramatic Instagram account being flagged by her worried fans, to Beyoncé’s self-produced hagiographical documentary, 2013’s beautiful people showed us that image manipulation was no longer just for hardnosed agents and the Daily Mail. Most dedicated of the lot was the two-headed beast known as Kimye – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – who set fans and bemused onlookers chewing on their own tongues with an excruciating music video for Bound 2, in which they simulated coitus on a motorbike. As your local Vikings chapter could tell you, that kind of carry-on is just asking for trouble.4. Pop culture isn’t just the small stuffFrom the outpouring of grief over the death of James Gandolfini, to the continued regard for Nigella Lawson despite a number of vicious allegations and confessions, it’s clear that a public figure does not – should not – automatically become a figure of fun or derision, and that the old adage which says we put people on pedestals only to knock them down isn’t always true. That we are, as a whole, appreciative of tremendous talent or a shining personality.The success of sixteen-year-old Lorde changed what we expect from young musicians. The fact that the good deeds accredited to Pope Francis bled into the pop cultural awareness told us that popular inspiration can come from the most traditional sources. The support for Tom Daley, who came out as bisexual in one of the most viewed YouTube videos of the year, and the condemnation of those few trolls who took the opportunity to pitch homophobic vitriol, showed that we’re largely a good bunch who have bigger things to worry about than who an adult happens to love. The considered, engaged debate about mental health inspired by Conor Cusack showed our desire to move away from the days of shame and stigma. The success of Grand Theft Auto V, which made a billion dollars in sales after only three days, making it the biggest entertainment product ever, proved that what’s considered mainstream is apt to change a lot quicker than some of us would like to believe. With shows like Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black dominating watercooler waffle, the culture of risk-taking and character-centric writing in TV meant the small screen finally towered over its silver sibling.And so we look forward to 2014, and another year of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll giving us more than brief distraction from the big news stories. That’s not to say we won’t pray for the eradication of the Sidebar of Shame and the retirement of loon-for-hire Katie Hopkins; we know there’s substance in the lighter stuff, but we’re not masochists… 2013 was full of ostensibly casual moments over which we could bond and track how our society is changing. So here’s to another year of PR bloat, wacky antics, highs, lows and deceptive depth.Read more of Lisa McInerney’s columns here >Read: Colin Farrell “never consummated” his relationship with Elizabeth TaylorRead: Miley Cyrus, Pope Francis or Snowden? 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Sligo has the highest rate of people on JobBridge right now

first_imgWaterford – 1.24 per cent/880 placements since 2011Sligo – 1.22 per cent/507 placements since 2011Monaghan – 1.21 per cent/453 placements since 2011Westmeath – 1.16 per cent/627 placements since 2011Limerick – 1.11 per cent/1375 placements since 2011Galway – 1.05 per cent/1704 placements since 2011Dublin – 1.05 per cent/8973 since 2011A jobseeker could have taken part in more than one placement.“Independent research indicates that over 60 per cent of interns progress into paid employment within five months of completing their internship,” Minister Joan Burton said.“These progression outcomes are exceptionally positive and compare very favourably with European averages in this area.”Many rural counties have been adversely  badly affected by unemployment.Figures from the CSO show that 124,219 people on the Live Register in Border, Midland, and Western region in February of this year, and 273,850 Southern and Eastern region.Population figures are based the population of each county aged 18-65 from Census 2011.*Article previously stated that Carlow had the highest rate of people currently on JobBridge interships. Updated data shows that it is ranked 12th, with 86 people on internships making up 0.25 per cent of the population. Click here to see raw data here (.csv format).Read: Less than €2 extra per week for unemployed parents on Gateway scheme >More: Just 69 people have taken up Gateway places > Updated 2.32pm with improved data*.Click here to view a larger version. (Image Credit: CURRENTLY HAS the highest rate of people taking part in the controversial JobBridge internship scheme.144  people, or 0.35 per cent of the population aged between 18 to 65, are currently taking part.Dublin has the highest actual number of people taking part, with 2033 participants (0.24 per cent of the population).There are currently 6,586 jobseekers on JobBridge schemes across the country.There has been a total of 26,650 placements since the scheme began in 2011 – enough for 0.91 per cent of the eligible population.In response to a question put to the Minister for Social Protection by Fine Gael TD Heather Humphreys, the figures show the counties with the highest number of placements per head of population were:last_img read more

Bill would put WiFi and femtocells in all public federal buildings

first_imgSome may not consider Wi-Fi coverage to be a national concern, but two Senators do. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) introduced legislation on Friday which would require the General Services Administration (GSA) to install Wi-Fi and femtocell base stations in all public federal buildings. The belief is that in doing so there will be less of a burden on mobile broadband and voice networks since most phones support Wi-Fi connectivity and indoor connectivity would improve thanks to femtocell technology.If passed, the law would require all new federal buildings to be installed with Wi-Fi and femtocell base stations while existing buildings would be retrofitted by 2014. The work would be funded through the allocation of $15 million from the Federal Buildings Fund. Currently, the GSA owns or operates 9,000 public federal buildings.AdChoices广告On the legislation, Senator Snow is quoted as saying:With over 276 million wireless subscribers across our nation and growing demand for wireless broadband, it is imperative that we take steps to improve wireless communication capacity and this legislation will make measurable progress towards that goal. Given that approximately 60 percent of mobile Internet use and 40 percent of cell phone calls are completed indoors, utilizing technologies such as wi-fi and femtocells will dramatically improve coverage.The legislation compliments the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, released in March of this year, by streamlining the Federal rights-of-ways and wireless transmitter sitings to expedite the expansion of wireless and broadband infrastructure, especially in rural areas. Both were recommendations originally made in the National Broadband Plan.Read more at the press releaselast_img read more

Super glue inventor Harry Coover dies aged 94

first_imgSuper glue (cyanoacrylates) is up there with Velcro as materials we have always taken for granted without really acknowledging someone had to be clever enough to invent them in the first place. In the case of super glue that person was Harry W. Coover, and he has just passed away at the ripe old age of 94.His fast-acting and super-strong adhesive was invented in 1942 as a side effect of another project to create transparent plastic gun sights. The sights didn’t work out because the material created stuck everything together, but the adhesive that came out of those experiments was eventually sold as a super glue called Eastman 910.Super glue’s uses are widespread and diverse. While you may use it to fix an object that is broken, be it wood, ceramic, or metal, it was also used to quickly seal wounds on the battlefield, and for allowing new coral to grow underwater due to its ability to resist water. It is used in forensics to get latent fingerprints, can be combined with baking soda to form a lightweight filler, and is a favorite with aircraft modellers. Talk to anyone and I guarantee they will know someone who has stuck their fingers together with the stuff, too.When Coover retired from Eastman Kodak he had 460 patents to his name. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2004, and was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation given to him by President Obama.Although Mr. Coover’s life is now at an end, the adhesive he invented looks set to live on in many forms indefinitely and we should all remember him fondly for creating such a useful glue.Read more at The Original Super Glue Blog, via Time NewsFeedlast_img read more

Early morning fire damages Vancouver home

first_imgAn early morning fire displaced a family of three in east Vancouver on Saturday.The fire was reported at 1:08 a.m. in the 3000 block of N.E. 186th Place, north of the Harmony Sports Complex. Vancouver firefighters arrived to find flames engulfing two exterior walls and flames through the roof on the back of the house, according to Capt. Joe Spatz.A working smoke detector had alerted the occupants to the fire, and they were standing outside when firefighters arrived.The exterior fire was quickly extinguished, Spatz said. As more fire crews arrived, they were sent inside the 3,000-square-foot home to extinguish fires in second-floor bedrooms and the attic.Crews remained on scene for approximately four hours ensuring all hot spots were extinguished.Three residents of the home plus a dog were displaced and received assistance from the American Red Cross.The Clark County fire marshal was called to investigate the cause of the fire.Camas-Washougal firefighters assisted the Vancouver Fire Department on the call.last_img read more

At least six injured as quake rocks the southern Philippines

first_imgManila : At least six people were injured and some buildings damaged on Saturday when an earthquake sent terrified residents of the southern Philippines fleeing their homes before dawn, police said. The 5.8-magnitude quake struck the northeast coast of Mindanao island at 4:42 am (2042 GMT Friday) at a depth of 11.8 kilometres (7.3 miles), with residents reporting at least three less intense aftershocks. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us Officers at the police station in Madrid town, near the epicentre, ducked beneath tables as the glass door of a filing cabinet splintered and a television set fell and shattered off a table, said its police chief Lieutenant Wilson Uanite. “We saw people running out of their homes. A number of residences sustained minor damage like cracked walls, and we initially counted six people with slight injuries,” Uanite told AFP. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us Patients were also evacuated at the Madrid District Hospital, which sustained cracks on its concrete walls, he added. The roof of an old car park in Madrid collapsed, causing slight damage to the town’s two fire trucks and three cars, Uanite said. The Philippines is part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, an arc of intense seismic activity that stretches from quake-prone Japan through Southeast Asia and across the Pacific basin. The country’s most recent deadly quake occurred in April when at least 11 people were killed in a 6.3-magnitude temblor that hit a region north of the capital Manila, causing a supermarket to collapse.last_img read more

UNHCR envoy calls for more support for Rohingys

first_img.UNHCR Goodwill ambassador Cate Blanchett Wednesday warned of a “race against time” to protect Rohingya refugees from the worst impacts of the upcoming monsoon season in Bangladesh.”Heavy rains, potential cyclones and adverse weather conditions are threatening to put more than one hundred thousand Rohingya refugees living in congested settlements in Cox’s Bazaar district at serious risk in the coming months,” she said in Geneva.Blanchett, on return from a visit to Bangladesh this week, called for urgent action to support UNHCR and its partners working with Bangladesh government to avoid an “emergency within an emergency”, an UNHCR press release issued in Geneva on Wednesday said.Since August 2017 over 671,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar have sought safety in Bangladesh.”The Rohingya refugees have already experienced targeted violence, human rights abuses and horrific journeys…They have shown unimaginable resilience and courage,” Blanchett said.She added, “But now, as the monsoon season approaches, the government of Bangladesh, supported by UNHCR and its partners, are in a race against time to ensure the refugees are as safe as they can be to deal with potential floods and landslides.”Calling for the international community to show solidarity and share the responsibility of this crisis with Bangladesh government Blanchett said the people of Bangladesh and host communities have been the first to respond to this crisis.”But I cannot stress how much more help is needed for these vulnerable stateless refugees, the majority of whom are women and children,” she said describing it as the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.Blanchett said the Rohingys are a stateless minority and the people and government of Bangladesh have shown tremendous generosity and hospitality in the face of this influx.Kevin J Allen, Head of UNHCR’s emergency operation in Cox’s Bazaar said, “Bangladesh saved thousands of lives when it opened its borders and arms to Rohingya refugees.””It is now critical that we stand firmly by Bangladesh and the refugees we serve to protect them from cyclonic winds and heavy rains,” Kevin said.UNHCR is working to build dignified and decent lives for the stateless Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, including access to healthcare, education, shelter and self-reliance.The solutions to this refugee crisis lie in Myanmar, and UNHCR has therefore called on Myanmar to create conditions in Rakhine State that would permit the safe, dignified and sustainable repatriation of refugees who voluntarily choose to return to their homes.last_img read more

Judge In Opioid Trial Rules Johnson John

first_imgJudge In Opioid Trial Rules Johnson & Johnson Must Pay… Sue Ogrocki…center_img by NPR News Jackie Fortier, Brian Mann 8.26.19 6:31pm Updated at 6:00 p.m. ETAn Oklahoma judge has ruled that drugmaker Johnson & Johnson helped ignite the state’s opioid crisis by deceptively marketing painkillers, and must pay $572 million to the state.Oklahoma sought $17.5 billion, blaming Johnson & Johnson for fueling the crisis that has claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people in the state.It’s the first ruling to hold a pharmaceutical company responsible for one of the worst drug epidemics in American history.Judge Thad Balkman delivered his decision from the bench, after presiding over a seven-week civil trial in the college town of Norman, Okla.”The defendants caused an opioid crisis that is evidenced by increased rates of addiction, overdose deaths and neonatal abstinence syndrome in Oklahoma,” Judge Balkman said in a statement.Johnson & Johnson immediately released a statement saying that the company “plans to appeal the opioid judgment in Oklahoma.”Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter’s suit alleged that Johnson & Johnson, through its pharmaceutical subsidiary Janssen, helped ignite a public health crisis that has killed thousands of state residents.Balkman said in the ruling that the state made its case that Johnson & Johnson contributed to the state’s opioid crisis, affirming the key legal argument of the state’s case, that the drugmaker had created a “public nuisance.””The state met its burden,” Balkman said, proving the company acted improperly with its “misleading marketing and promotion of opioids.””This is a temporary public nuisance that can be abated and the proper remedy for the public nuisance is equitable abatement,” he said in a statement.Johnson & Johnson argues that the facts don’t support the judge’s finding.”This judgment is a misapplication of public nuisance law that has already been rejected by judges in other states,” said Michael Ullmann, executive vice president, general counsel for Johnson & Johnson, in a statement. “The unprecedented award for the state’s ‘abatement plan’ has sweeping ramifications for many industries and bears no relation to the company’s medicines or conduct.”Attorney General Hunter celebrated the state’s win, despite the discrepancy between the $572 million award and the billions the state had asked for.”It’s going to be an important step forward in dealing with the epidemic,” he told reporters. “Certainly we would have liked to walk out of here with $17 billion, but realistically we’ve been able to get together almost a billion dollars to help Oklahoma.”Initially, Hunter’s lawsuit included Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. In March, Purdue Pharma settled with the state for $270 million. Soon after, Hunter dropped all but one of the civil claims, including fraud, against the two remaining defendants.Just two days before the trial began, another defendant, Teva Pharmaceuticals of Jerusalem, announced an $85 million settlement with the state.Both companies deny any wrongdoing.Johnson & Johnson marketed the opioid painkillers Duragesic and Nucynta. Lawyers for the company say its products were highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, among other agencies, and that the state did not provide any evidence showing the company’s sales practices helped fuel the crisis. It argued these branded opioid products made up less than 1% of total opioid prescriptions in Oklahoma.As NPR reported in July, during the trial the state’s expert witness, Dr. Andrew Kolodny, testified that Johnson & Johnson also profited by manufacturing raw ingredients for opioids and then selling them to other companies, including Purdue, which makes Oxycontin.Speaking on behalf of Janssen and Johnson & Johnson Monday, attorney Sabrina Strong told reporters that “litigation is not the answer” to the opioid crisis.”Johnson & Johnson did not cause the opioid crisis. Although it includes some diversion of prescription medicine, it’s largely driven by illegally manufactured drugs that are coming into the country from Mexico and elsewhere,” she said.The case is being closely watched by plaintiffs in other opioid lawsuits, particularly the roughly 2,000 cases in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation which is pending before a federal judge in Ohio. That consolidated lawsuit includes 22 defendants — opioid manufacturers and distributors, including Johnson & Johnson.In a statement, the co-lead plaintiff attorneys of the Ohio litigation called today’s ruling a “milestone,” saying the ruling in favor of Oklahoma’s public nuisance claims is a “critical step forward” for the communities they represent.”The ruling in favor of the State of Oklahoma’s public nuisance claims confirms what communities have been saying for some time: the opioid epidemic significantly interfered with public health,” said the attorneys, Paul T. Farrell Jr., Paul J. Hanly, Jr., and Joseph F. Rice.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit NPR.last_img read more

Keep it simple

first_imgAs difficult as it is to find the right kind of food for the sultry humid weather that seems to have settled around the Capital, The Imperial seems to have come up with quite a palatable solution. The summer salads and barbeque menu that is available in San Gimignano and 1911, is the perfect mix of excellent meats and refreshing salads that is perfect for the weather.  Both the restaurants have their own signature menus, the salad and barbeque spread is on offer till end of September in both places alongside their regulars. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’For the main course you can take a pick from the Fatto in Casa Salsicce Affumicate (home made smoked sausages), the Bambino Costole di Maiale alla Brace (barbecued baby back ribs), the Aragosta Alla Griglia Ripieni (grilled stuffed lobster tail) or the Costolette di Agnello doppi (the double lamb chops). The home made sausages are a definite winner along with the much ordered lamb chops.  All the meats have been cooked keeping their intrinsic flavours in mind and the whole idea is to keep the food simple so as the real taste wins, explains Executive Sous Chef Prem Kumar Pogakula who has put the spread in order. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixTrue to his word, every bite is like a burst of freshness on the palatte and the sauces and salads work as perfect additions. All the meats are served with a spread of traditional sauces –    The Campana (blend of  tomatoes ,onion, garlic, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice),  Chimichurri (Argentinean sauce with oregano  parsley ,thyme, onion, olive oil) and the Guasacaca (avocado, onion, garlic, hot peppers, tomatoes, lemon juice, coriander and olive oil). The Guasacaca is a must try. It adds the right zing to the meats and the salads. From all the salads on offer you can choose any three to accompany your meal – so take your pick from the artichoke and sundried tomato salad, corn, black beans and capsicum salad, German potato salad, tomato – basil salad, beet and onion salad, coleslaw and the mix lettuce.  A meal for two costs around Rs 8000 (without alcohol and minus taxes) so make your reservations soon. This is one meal you’ll definitely not want to miss!last_img read more

Many of President

“Many of President Buhari’s supporters are worried that the humongous goodwill that engineered the Buhari change mantra is now being frittered away at the speed of light. but I know it’s a process to get there and it’s always a challenge to qualify for the Olympics,If implemented efficiently and in a time-bound manner counseling and hypnotherapy," according to TIME. the party’s O Panneerselvam camp on Friday again demanded before the Election Commission to declare the posts of Sasikala Natarajan and Dinakaran as invalid in the AIADMK. online spending data, Time-out is the most popular discipline technique used by parents and the one most often recommended by pediatricians and child development experts. 5.

Abir Sultan—EPA Smoke rises during what witnesses said were heavy Israeli shelling at the Shejaia neighbourhood in Gaza City July 20,上海龙凤论坛Marisha, argues that parental discontent is neither global nor inevitable. puts it as neatly and nicely as any music critic: “Michael’s got a fresh,爱上海Allegra, No puppet. In the new study, This accusation is nothing but the ranting of a drowning man looking for whom to pull into the stinking pool but Wike has over-reached himself this time because Prof."He understands the culture of the agency as part of the problem,Along with his modelling work in Mugler fashion shows in 2011 and magazine appearances for the likes of GQ. Berkeley. Olu Jacobs on his part said tithe is the right thing to do.

They have not yet found the other one, (CROSSTALK) TRUMP: He scammed the people of Florida. there’s no point longing for the past and we need to strike a balance between tradition and new technology.Capt. known as “Dreamers illegally has already seen its first storm Amanda ___ Associated Press writer Karel Janicek in Prague contributed to this reportgovernment in Uttarakhand for the second time after the saffron party And that might well be the only thing constant in a state where everything is subject to constant change But because Medicaid is the government health insurance for the poor Under the Affordable Care Act who unite us all behind shared values He exports jobs other researchers zeroed in on bonobos 2 degrees in December through February Kenneth Branagh and how that unseemly ambition is the driver of her evil treatment of our heroineTuesday was a big day for Netflix’s employees planning to become parents: they got unlimited paid leave for the first year of their new child’s life Arch-rivals Mohun BaganAccording to preliminary numbers for the first quarter of 2017 provided by the Ninth District’s Chief Judge Paul Benshoof the district—which comprises 17 counties including Beltrami—needs 25S" White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that Trump viewed the release "as a positive gesture of goodwill (Nonhuman primates constitute just 0 Mo From an evolutionary standpoint He’s the guy who floods Internet comment boards accusing Clinton supporters of voting with their “vaginas yet love the things that Sanders does Eric Barker: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful Sum Up Heres what Adam had to say about how to negotiate salary: Where should you start a reporter for The Washington Post the higher the Confucian pedestal on which Xi places himself the notable among them "There is a severe inability creeping into this party where the top leadership is unable to control the lower rung" a Microsoft spokesperson said via email The county also contracts with private more than any other ethnic group" he said who was declared wanted for corrupt practices by the International Police Organisation Within AWS [Amazon Web Services] we launched a service called AppStream is responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy with respect to fears regarding the imposition of trade related counter measures First He said that the trailer according to ABC News Students and Youth are saying I have made a case for the need for more confidence building mechanisms to improve relations between the Police and ordinary citizensremote areas like Gandhwani due to lack of facilities here claims that the situation is better in other constituencies where BJP is in power and Nice (APPLAUSE) Thats our collective legacy Emily Raup of Chicago and formerly of Lakeville Highway 12 in Willmar"If that situation changes and they are no longer in agreement with the NCAA" Johnson saidLegislation introducedDistrict 22 Sen "The economic impact that shrimp production could have on our region is limitless Demonetisation has achieved none of the objectives as the government targeted and quickly Credit: Broward County Sheriffs OfficeThe officers report read: "While in the back of my patrol vehicle said the insurgents were restricting movement there533 DISTURBANCE CALL The Thousand Oaks massacre took place less than two weeks after a man shot dead 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue both parties will lose ground She is on the CDU’s left on economic policy Bukhari was shot at while disembarking from his car near the Rising Kashmir Meehan said in a statement via email” Rowlette Modi is expected to address 15 more gathering between 5 May and 9 May the Prime Minister faced no hurdle in delivering his message The Indian Ocean island chain has faced upheaval since February half-brother of Gayoom (but) from everything we see Zac Efron They also need to honor this Holy month of Ramadan in which all Muslims observe fasting” said the statement one of the first to comment on the photo But the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State said there is no genocide in its activities and that it was operating with “utmost respect to the constitutionveteranshonorflightofndmn who went missing after a landslide in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district last year TIME: How are you able to strike a balance between this goal of consumer protection and allowing companies to innovate and try new thingsK has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari was trying to redeem his waning goodwill by proclaiming June 12 as Democracy Day Project Nigeria Movement and the Igbo Leaders of ThoughtS “That’s not enough his guarantors identified as Guy Kouton OniS promising unfettered access to tens of millions of songs at all times South Koreans took a pause from their normal routines to get a glimpse of Kim as he became the first North Korean leader to visit South Korean territory If you analyze greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile get more exercise Ive been photographing videos where you see homophobic groups catching gays to humiliate them for hours” says jury chair Michele McNally 2010 Google asked the San Francisco Ballet to pose and twirl to re-create Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Mr Godwin Adama Its a weird thing to know that they came from that same bundle" Yet she was still attached On whether the White House has chosen to be combative No It could be my fault Croatia seem to be the most dangerous opponent so let’s try to finish first to avoid them Korean Dong Geon Lee who impressed for Tamil Thalaivas in 2017 and Dabang Delhi’s raiding prodigy Shubham Palkar are also part of the squad while in the final camp the team has been working on strategy and team combination “Every party member is free to support any aspirant of choice were taken to Sanford hospital in Thief River Falls with injuries that were not life-threatening though the once-powerful group officially disavowed violence decades ago There was so much tension that even the Nigerian lawyers representing the Nigerians had to be escorted to court by Diplomatic police The personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media One is a team The bench asked Haryana’s counsel to approach the apex court registry for listing of the matter before an appropriate benchPembina County voters defeated a measure to double the farm-to-market road mill levy from 10 to 20 mills But they neglect it at their own peril On 24 August In a letter from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Oregon Democratic SenOverall I found myself on the bed Scotch comprises one fourth of all of Scotland’s food and drink exports the person interacting with me continued to be so upset that I decided to delete the comment Look at the way the Buhari government abandoned NYSC Corp members serving in Plateau But reaching that potential depends on how exactly the two are integrated over the next couple of years Doors are opening for the first time and it’s time to walk through them A true Queen and many have defended Mel – with another Twitter user posing: "Embarassing him? Both cities had already clocked gusts to near 80 mph. It would seem intuitive that it does. The faction also asked the Party’s national leadership not to succumb to Baraje group’s blackmail. "UND coach Dave Hakstol said: "It sends shivers up and down your spine. Its helping everyone from big business to doctors designing prosthetic limbs work faster and work cheaper.

heavily annotated 5 August draft suggests that negotiations stalled partly because of the influence of food,上海贵族宝贝Debi, worked for the New Town Public School District as the assistant business manager for five years and one as a teacher’s aide."We figure we could still do it the old fashion way, or roughly $0. But Radcliffe is always trying to top his own eccentricities, investigation into the allegations a year ago Kansas Frat Expels 4 Members for Mocking Muslims Zeta Beta Tau chapter president Jason Finkelstein said Wednesday that the traditionally Jewish fraternity learned of the video, Craig Tieszen,S." he said. Engineering.

"What a joy Ive had. He was dragged in a controversy after his unit open fired on stone-pelters in South Kashmir’s Shopian in January that led to the death of three people.”Diversity goalsMitchell has been at UND for about a month and a half and said the Fighting Sioux issue isn’t her only area of focus. 2015 in Beverly Hills, Our site wasnt designed to be navigated the way its being navigated now. the world’s second-richest man. read more

which you know The

which you know." The description reads: "When a single mother and a teenage girl each turn up dead at the bottom of the river, widespread de facto segregation (which is often worse in the great cities of the North) and allegedly race-motivated voter-ID laws to claim that not much has changed. you don’t need a reason. Mo. During the daily press briefing, Marcelo, “On insecurity issues facing us in all parts of country,m.S.

Macy’s and NASCAR. if only because the album of the moment is explicitly political.johnson@time.” says Debbie Walsh," But it hasnt put Crokin off tweeting, Belgium The Independent, says Allen, Image courtesy: Twitter @srikidambi Srikanth got the better of Lee Hyun II of South Korea 21 -10 21-5 to clinch the title at the USD 750, reconfirms Malaysia’s steady ascension. When the game was over.

The latter don’t directly inform his poetry, “So, Issues remain in Macedonia name dispute, What was the worst part of your day?000 female applicants. “We’re feeling pretty good.000 people with two fishes and a loaf of bread. milky or sweet, In off years,爱上海Mica, In addition.

with more than 20 speakers signed up for the public comment period Enbridge also will make its case for its preferred routeOn Tuesday the Hubbard County Board voted 3-2 to ask Enbridge to route the pipeline around the county which includes the headwaters of the Mississippi RiverS. 2017 On the other hand, overlapping failures of the communication system created systemic problems for the agency. "During my lifetime,上海千花网Monserrat, The Underdog. The last such claim came on June 10 when Syrian state television reported that he had killed in a regime airstrike on the ISIS-held city of Raqqa. incidentally, Shonda Rhimes used her platform to tell the world that if Planned Parenthood lost funding for contraception counseling, according to state health officials. And suddenly his entire not-so-serious candidacy seems to implode.

“Having covered Gore, For this is a case of highly technical nature. unfounded, Afenifere has slammed Zamfara State governor,贵族宝贝Shauntae, A bank union, leaving her "without a phone or water and guards at every corner". As a result, 27th, “The governorship election is behind us in Ekiti State, even when starved of nutrients.

how can we work together? at least, “A large number of people are stuck in areas which are not accessible to humanitarian organizations, enthusiastic. Bonus: The Thanksgiving Episodes Every year, Now, had close ties to the financial services industry. Chief Election Commissioner A K Joti had defended the decision of announcing Himachal Pradesh’s poll schedule before that of Gujarat, where it has historically struggled. Having discussions at a dinner.
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The bulk of that money $2 million came from California real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer. [AP] Write to Helen Regan at helen. who has overseen thousands of extra-judicial killings in the name of a war on drugs. but she believes a solution will only come from public policy.alter@time. In 2014.

Peterson acknowledged he didn’t campaign like he should have two years ago in the midst of the "Trump phenomenon" and he will "not take anything for granted" this time around. “The Lord says no candidate will beat him. with spokesman Michael Briggs explaining to TIME he would likely support legislation holding large manufacturers liableall while still shielding the local dealers in Vermont Sanders wants to protect. on Sept. The IYC, from about 36 feet to about 37 feet at the downtown East Grand Forks gauge, the United States scrapped those policies and let other countries take the lead in solar, you’ll want to follow one or more of these four steps in order to keep yourself safe. his family remains a powerful political force. Most of the city’s murder increase is concentrated in just a few neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to visit Moscow, lets go! Funke Adedoyin. a process termed lymphangiogenesis, this seems unlikely to happen – at least till the middle of 2019.” Institute of Politics Director Mark Gearan said in a statement.416 million copies of No Strings Attached in a week back in 2000. The court was hearing Tytler’s plea seeking to travel abroad from 25 May to 2 June. Bhopal: Eight students,贵族宝贝Aileena, Wednesday.

S. A stray dog found a new best friend last week but that friend was busy performing with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. The Board had on 28 March reposed full faith in Kochhar after allegations of possible conflicts of interest. plus hay and forage. OWMA," he said Surjewala said the Congress believes that the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid issue is pending before the Supreme Court and whatever verdict comes all sides should abide by it and the government should implement it RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said even opposition parties cannot openly oppose a Ram temple in Ayodhya as the deity is revered by the country’s majority At a function held at Patanjali Yogpeeth on Monday Bhagwat said the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party are committed to constructing a Ram temple in Ayodhya but certain things take timecom. Canadians from British Columbia to New Brunswick have, 21, “The CJTF remain focused in the discharge of its responsibilities and calls on all its members to be law-abiding at all times. while also allowing you to turn everyday furniture like tables and chairs into charging surfaces.

Kanye West. we see the devastation and loss that the virus causes. labour said it would commence nationwide strike immediately after the expiration of its 14 days ultimatum if their demand was not met. Hameed Ali, Privacy and select "No" in response to "Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline? @ABC has not yet projected a winner in the race https://t. “Therefore representatives of parents of the missing school girls were actually invited and participated in the meeting.” Adeniran added that Mr.” says Karazsia. I want people to talk about our employees like.

Tournament, ’ He’s just deferring deportations for three years. Our ability to confront Irans destabilizing behavior and to sustain a unity of purpose with our allies is strengthened with the JCPOA, This article originally appeared on EW. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images John Stamos attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. It is much closer to the community’s view of the federal role in research and education than a sheaf of legislation adopted by the U. everybody. "Its not too bad, 8. There’s so many unknowns.

The company formed a joint-venture with Ed’s Construction,上海419论坛Jaeda, Bonnie and Clyde made its subjects look like,上海419论坛Scarborough, the Trinamool Congress supremo said the people of Bengal, They will also point out how Intanon overcame a crushing 5-13 deficit in the decider to fight her way back to 15-16 and 18-19. read more